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THE 100: Season 4, Episode 9: DNR: Trailer [The CW]

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The 100: DNR Trailer

The TV show trailer for The CW’s The 100: ‘DNR,’ feature stars Eliza Taylor, Bob Morely, Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick, Paige Turco, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Devon BostickRichard HarmonJarod Joseph, Chelsey Reist, and Isaiah Washington. Guest stars include Adina PorterTasya Teles, Sachin Sahel, Ben Sullivan, Alyson Bath, Melinda Michael, Alex Pangburn, Cole VigueJessica Harmon, and Zach McGowan.

This is it – Jasper must die!

Sorry, sorry – I reacted to what seems like a clear opportunity to triage some trouble makers, before even getting to it.

The ‘opportunity,’ in this case, comes through in the trailer (courtesy of Grounders Source) to the next installment of The 100. With the Second Dawn bunker (actual) open to the public, it will now be time for the public’s panic to switch to survival stampede mode.

Well, this is one more reason for Jasper (Devon Bostick) to say no thanks, while those having come around to his brand of nihilism follow suit. With the drinking game theme (of saving those who don’t want to be saved) still in full effect, Monty (Christopher Larkin) will try to get through to Jas, one more time; but since ‘DNR’ likely means ‘do not resuscitate,’ I still say this ep may be our best shot, yet, at ending some collective ex-Jas-perition.

Take the shot!!!

Sorry, sorry.

Throw in the fact that Jas may have people like Harper (Chelsey Reist) checking the DNR column (sorry, Monty), and this might boil down to a sort of hostage crisis – and I’ve already used up my bad hostage negotiator outbursts.

Expect more reasoning & sermonizing; but also expect to wait for the Jasper answer. This episode won’t be airing until the far side of April (so you can get out of your own bunker, in the meantime – soak up some non-scorching rays, and non-blistering rain).

Of course, nothing says getting hedonistic kids in line like having the likes of Jaha (Isaiah Washington) & Clarke (Eliza Taylor) telling them what do; but on the other hand, try to imagine being trapped in a bunker with a whole Jasper Clown Posse.

Yeah. Let that one sink in, while you wait….

‘DNR’ airs Apr. 26,  9:00 pm EST,  on The CW.

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The ‘DNR’ trailer:

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