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24 has been Canceled, It’s Three Problems the Cause

This season of 24 will be the last season of 24. 24 has been officially canceled. This season has been lackluster. I’ve missed whole episodes and it didn’t even matter because I already knew what was going to happen. Producers getting rid of the “real time” aspect hurt the uniqueness of the show as did the deletion of the multiple split screens “during” the scenes of the show (possibly an attempt to make the show more mainstream). They began showing them only at the end, beginning, at commercial breaks of episodes. During Seasons 1-3, they happened during the key drama and action scenes, splattered throughout.

The main problem with 24 – Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) got out of everything. More seasons were pointless as it would the same scenario all over again e.g. the U.S. is in danger and only Jack can save us. What was the point of him being in danger? We knew he would survive. In addition, they completely underused Freddy Prince Jr. this season. What was the point of bringing him in then sending him off on all these side missions away from the main plot?

The second problem with 24 – an increasing lack of logic. Look at this season. Government employees work for a counter-terrorist unit yet the fact that they work for it can be found on the internet by the casual searcher? Come on. A civilian parole officer goes walking around CTU during a national emergency with no escort and no visitor’s badge. That is not even remotely possible. Do you think that would happen at CIA?

The third problem with 24 – consistency. Example: In the first few seasons – if I recall correctly – no one could use cellphones within CTU. Everyone had to use landlines within the building. This was a very smart, prudent security measure. What happened to that? Everyone was pulling out cellphones and making personal calls within CTU this season and during a national and potentially an international crisis. It was never even explained why cell phones could now be used within CTU. I guess producers thought no one would notice.

Maybe the 24 movie will happen, maybe it will not. Who knows. I’m not a stickler for plot holes, Fringe has holes but 24’s became so glaring and asinine the reality of the show was soon lost, culminating in this season. The ratings told the tale and the show has been axed. Later Jack, it was good knowing you.

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