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24: LEGACY: Q&A & Sneak Peak at Franchise Expansion [Fox, NYCC 2016]

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24: Legacy Panel Introduces Spin-off to Popular 24 Series

Fans of the landmark 24 series got their first look at Fox‘s upcoming 24: Legacy series. Showrunners Howard Gordon, Evan Katz, and Manny Coto, were introduced, then joined by stars Jimmy Smits (John Donovan), Miranda Otto (Rebecca Ingram), and Corey Hawkins (Eric Carter).

From the Executive Producers’ standpoint, 24 never really went away, current events keeps the concept relevant, and the idea of having an Army Ranger adventure had been kicking around for a while. An extension to the franchise seemed organically feasible, as a result.

For Corey Hawkins, there was an opportunity not just for a fan-boy to get in on the franchise, but an opportunity to get things right. From his first read of the script, it seemed that everything good about the original will be honored, even as the new series is done in a fresher, more contemporary way- reflecting the audience & World of today.

Miranda Otto, a veteran of Howard Gordon’s Homeland, also noted the timely relevance of the script, and having already been taken in by the genre. Much of Rebecca Ingram’s personal conflict will come from being the deferring half of a highly ambitious power couple.

Her series love interest, John Donovan, will be campaigning for the Presidency after a… notable real life election cycle. Jimmy Smits & the EPs assured that no real life candidates will be inspiring Donovan’s actions. Between this role, and his stint on The West Wing, however, the idea of a real life Jimmy Smits ticket kept coming up.

So why are franchise fans being made to wait until February for the new series? Because of a Super Bowl lead-in, of course.

If the excitement of attendees was any indication, going into the panel, there remains plenty of interest in the franchise, itself (supposedly, the real life inspiration for the CTU remodeled its Op centers after the show’s set design, and there’s an airspace security drone called the Chloe). For anyone resisting – if not rejecting – the idea of a 24 series without Jack Bauer, however, I feel the need to reiterate one point.

24: Legacy is not a reboot – it’s a spin-off. Corey Hawkins is not ‘Black Jack’ – his day will be unfolding parallel to Bauer’s. I’m guessing Legacy will serve as a ‘meanwhile’ holdover, until such a time as Bauer’s story (among others) gets to be continued/ concluded.

If the preview was any indication, 24: Legacy should have little trouble fitting the bill. The threat, intrigue, paranoia, and insane action levels were all up to original standards. Eric Carter’s background & family drama will bring a new dynamic to the lead role. It was pointed out that John Donovan being a candidate for office, instead of already being in the White House, will bring a different political component to the plotting; but I seem to recall President Palmer spending a season running for re-election.

Beyond the Presidential politics angle (and an Edgar reference Easter Egg), there were other familiar elements to the pilot preview, however; but I think this may work to the show’s advantage. If anyone finds it derivative of the original’s first season, here’s something to consider.

<SPOILER WARNING> The revenge plot to 24 S1, targeting those behind a Black Ops assassination, came as the penultimate reveal of the season, near the end. The revenge plot to 24: Legacy, targeting the members of a Spec Ops search & destroy team, will be our introduction to the series. <SPOILER END>

Real fans know where a 24 season begins is never an indication of how it ends. The preview even seemed to fast track us through the usual paranoia/ compromised confidant elements, of the typical 24 season.

If none of that is enough to sway purists, there was also EP talk about at least one original cast member making an appearance. Nothing new, if you’ve been privy to ‘net rumors; but this time the name Tony Almeida was dropped. So, there.

Leave your thoughts on the 24: Legacy panel, at New York City Comic Con, in the comments section below. For more NYCC reviews, photos, videos, and information, visit our New York Comic Con Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or “like” us on Facebook24: Legacy will begin airing on Fox, starting February 5, 2017, after the Super Bowl.

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