5 Essential Anime Films you need to View Pt.2

This is part two of this series. I know I should have called it 10 Essential Anime Films you need to View but I realized after I had written the first post in the series that I had left out too many note-worthy films. There are other movies that I have heard about, Wicked City, BioHunter, Crying Freeman, Spriggan, Demon City and many others. I have not seen these films yet so I can’t comment on them and it would not be right to add them to my list.

1.) Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi )

I love this film. Love. I saw it in the theatre after it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film. Disney mis-handled the ad campaign for this film and few people new about it in America, including myself. This is one bright and beautiful film with a cool story about finding courage adversity in a young. Plus, Miyazaki is behind the helm so I knew what to expect. Then you see the film and there are surprises sprinkled throughout. Great film. Magical.

2.) Golgo 13: The Professional

Very cool flick. James Bond as an assassin. I love the back story to Blue and Gold. An entire film could be made out of that. Snake was is good as well. The scene snippet when the three of them are together and Dawson sends Snake to kill Golgo, you see it through the same camera angle that you would in a live action movie.

3.) Metropolis

Great ending. It’s very rare when an anime film can elicit an emotional response but I actually felt sorry for the main protagonist and what he loses. I like the way the animation is mixed with CGI as well.

4.) Akira

This is the film that hooked many fans into the genre permanently. Fist of the North Star did it for me. I haven’t seen this film in years but I do remember how good the action was and how intricate the story was.

5.) Perfect Blue

A crime movie with a multitude of twists and turns. I had to watch this film a few times just to understand the third act. The twists are good, you never see them coming. This film made me a fan of Satoshi Kon as well.

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