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5 Reasons Why Hannah Montana is so Popular


1.) Must people want to be Famous/a Pop Star.

Who doesn’t grow up wanting fame and fortune while being able to do what they love and crave? Who doesn’t want a large bank account and the ability to buy what they want, when they want it? Montana gets to do that, to be that and when adolescents watch her, they get to live vicariously through her. It was the same thing for Britney Spears when she first arrived on the scene in 1998.



2.) She’s on the Disney Channel.

The Disney Channel is children and family friendly. This demographic can make an ordinary motion picture into a blockbuster over the course of three or four weeks. Since Hannah Montana is such a popular show on television and in the concert circuit, that transferred over when the concerts were made into a musical documentary film.

3.) Young girls want to be her/Young boys want her.

Young girls see the way Montana dresses, how she acts and see parts or reflections of themselves in her. Young boys think she is cute, hot and would not mind holding her hand, kissing her or being her boyfriend. Young Boys sit through episodes of Hannah Montana for the same reason I sat through episodes of Dark Angel. Because they think the star of the show is attractive and they like looking at her and imagining what if.

4.) Duality.

By day she is Miley Stewart, by night Hannah Montana. Two people inhabiting the same body. Montana is never fully one or the other. She is discovering who she is, like most girls her age. When things get tough, she can escape into her other persona, an ability most people will never know or be able to indulge in.

5.) American Idol.

With the advent of American Idol and its gaggle of clones, part of Montana’s demographic has gotten used to watching on stage performances and listing to singing during primetime hours. Montana gives that demographic an alternative and an outlet for that craving at the same time. They get the singing they like and a continuous storyline, something American Idol lacks.

Update: Hannah Montana: The Movie will be available on Blu-ray and DVD August 18, 2009.

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