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7 DAYS IN HELL (2015) Teaser Trailer: Mockumentary on Infamous Tennis Match

7 Days In Hell TrailerJake Szymanski‘s 7 Days In Hell (2015) TV movie teaser trailer stars Kit HarringtonAndy SambergWill ForteSerene Williams, and John McEnroe. 7 Days In Hell‘s plot synopsis: “A fictional documentary-style expose on the rivalry between two tennis stars who battled it out in a 2004 match that lasted seven days.”

Though the trailer seems very one-note – isn’t it funny how seriously we’re taking this absurd situation – this could be good. HBO produced this, and I’m curious as to the tone and attitude of the actual film. It’s hard to tell right now, but this could go either way. The talent is certainly there – I love Will Forte and many others involved, but the writer and director don’t necessarily inspire the greatest confidence in me. Their combined credits are comprised of SNL sketches, Funny or Die shorts, and a few Girls and American Dad episodes – not exactly the funniest stuff in the world. Here’s hoping that the premise can stand up on its own and is supported by strong comedy writing. Frankly, I didn’t laugh once during this trailer. The closest I got was Andy Samberg suddenly having a sling on his seemingly broken and exhausted arm. Here’s hoping for more laughs in the actual film.

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