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70 ACRES IN CHICAGO – CABRINI GREEN (2015) Movie Trailer: Documentary on Projects from CANDYMAN


70 Acres In Chicago – Cabrini Green Movie Trailer. Ronit Bezalel‘s 70 Acres In Chicago – Cabrini Green (2015) movie trailer stars residents of Chicago and the Cabrini Green project buildings. 70 Acres In Chicago – Cabrini Green‘s plot synopsis: “What happens when a mixed-income housing ‘experiment’ collides with reality? Filmed over 15-years, 70 Acres in Chicago: Cabrini Green looks at the demolition of Chicago’s most infamous public housing development, Cabrini Green. The film centers on the stories of three public housing residents, Mark, Deidre and Raymond, as their lives are turned upside down when their community is torn apart in the name of progress. Cabrini is being demolished as part of a national plan to replace public housing with mixed income communities. Critics contend that the motivation is economic gain, as public housing’s prime real estate is too valuable for the low-income Black communities that live there. The film chronicles a neighborhood upheaval on Chicago’s most hotly contested 70 acres of land.”

This documentary is timely and relevant to a huge part of today’s sociopolitical hierarchy. The people living projects and ghettoized areas have largely been dismissed by most of society, and are almost, literally, living by the whims of wealthier, more powerful white people. When the mayor of Chicago decides to demolish 70 acres of public housing, effectively evicting hundreds of people – there’s essentially nothing these people can do. They have no money, so social mobility, and no effective way to strike back against a government funded by the millions of dollars of corporations and lobbies. So, then, it’s great to see people making noise about it, at the very least. This documentary aims to do just that, and I’m hoping it gets people’s attention.

Sadly, the production and DIY aesthetic we gleam from the trailer, doesn’t inspire much hope in this becoming an award-winning exposé. Rather, we have to make due with what we have, and appreciate someone taking a stand, filmically, journalistically. The last time you’ve seen these projects was in the incredible, beautiful, terrifying Candyman. Very odd, transitioning from a piece of entertainment that lets you enjoy things without care, to a documentary taking place in that same setting, expounding on the struggles of man. Or transitioning from this to a nice, entertaining viewing of the new David Simon show, Show Me A Hero, about public housing/segregation. Not everything is alright, and functioning. Things fall apart.

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Sources: Slashfilm, IMDb

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