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7DAYZ: Producer Crowdfunding Tupac Film

Rahimi Crowdfunds Tupac Film. Tupac Shakur’s former producing partner, Gobi Rahimi, has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to finance his own film based on the last week of the iconic rapper’s life. Rahimi is attempting to raise $500,000 in seed money in order to finance the project.

Not to be confused with the Morgan Creek Tupac biopic, which has been caught in development hell for years, Rahimi’s film, 7Dayz, will include archival footage of Tupac’s life. Rahimi planes to delve into what transpired during the week Tupac laid dying in the hospital.

In an interview with Deadline, Rahimi said,

I was waiting for Tupac at Club 662 in Las Vegas after the Mike Tyson fight on September 7, 1996. Soon after, I was informed by rapper Nate Dogg that Tupac and Suge Knight had been shot and taken to University Hospital. I immediately rushed there to be by Tupac’s side. This was the first of an emotional seven days that I sat guard over Tupac, who was in an induced coma, riding the line between life and death. 7Dayz is the story of my experience at the hospital amidst death threats, undercover FBI informants and an uncooperative police department.

Despite sounding like a documentary, the film will be a narrative feature that inter-cuts footage of Tupac during his last recording sessions.

It’s not a movie about Tupac. It’s a movie that will have Tupac in it. It’s about how he changed my life. Tupac, will play himself. I have archival footage that I shot of him that’s never been seen before that will be written into the film.

The film, Rahimi told Deadline,

Is not going to make any accusations or point any fingers. A few weeks before Pac was shot, I wrote the letter that Tupac signed, firing Suge Knight and his lawyer David Kenner. After that, the tension between Tupac and his label soared to new heights.

I’ve been a Tupac fan since before he was Birdie in Above the Rim. I am the prime demographic for Tupac related nostalgia, yet, I feel like something is off about 7Dayz. Maybe it’s the lines about death threats and undercover FBI informants that makes me feel that 7Dayz is a disheartening attempt to exploit the rapper’s name.

The internet has democratized the voiceless, and pretty soon everybody that has some grainy iPhone video of a Hollywood star that they shot while they were bros in high-school will be able to kick-start a documentary. Tupac died almost 20 years ago, and it’s hard to believe any worth-while video footage wouldn’t have already been mined back when music labels were desperately shilling Tupac and Biggie’s unfinished recording material.

Can somebody PLEASE launch a Kickstarter to raise the funding to get John Singleton back on the Tupac biopic? I’m in for $5.

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Source: Deadline

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