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Adrianne Palicki as NBC’s WONDER WOMAN (2011) Photo

Adrianne Palicki first photo as Wonder Woman 2011 has premiered. Adrianne Palicki in the Wonder Woman costume for David E. Kelley‘s new NBC series was a source of much conjecture before it premiered and now that it has there will be even more. The Wonder Woman costume looks awful. Cheesy. It looks like the costume designer had a grudge and took it out on this Halloween mess. April Fools on all Wonder Woman fans. What kind of plastic,  The Matrix, Underworld, skin tight buffoonery is this? Seriously? This has got to be a joke, either on us or the ‘verse. The Wonder Woman

series pilot is a reinvention of the iconic DC Comics title in which Wonder Woman– a.k.a. Diana Prince – is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life. Kelley and Bill D’Elia (“Boston Legal,” “The Practice”) are the executive producers. The pilot was written by Kelley and will be directed by Jeffrey Reiner (NBC’s “The Event”).  “Wonder Woman” is from David E. Kelley Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

At least they didn’t screw up how Elizabeth Hurley looks, pictured here: Elizabeth Hurley Wonder Woman (2011) NBC Set Photos. Check out the first Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman 2011 photo below and leave your thoughts on it. Click to enlarge. What do you think of the 2011 NBC Wonder Woman costume?

Adrianne Palicki, Wonder Woman 2011

Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman 2011

Source: EW, Slashfilm

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  • Ashtongramp

    If anyone wants to see, I redid the costume the way I would have done it. Click here to view my edited version of the costume.

  • It looks the same. The pants are just darker.

  • Kanezona

    Much better with the dark pants, but it would be cool to also see the boots back to red and white and losing those red stars. That’s just my humble opinion. But the darker blue pants seems to work much better! Good job!

  • The original designers need to go back to the drawing board with that costume.

  • Alfred

    Epic fail

  • I couldn’t agree more.

  • Ross Scaffidi

    Well there is nothing like the original, she has the shape for it to pull it off, her bonestructure of her face just gives me the impression more of a Wonder Girl with the body of a Wonder Woman. Just not as defined as I would have perfered, but very pretty all the same. The hair could have a little more lift to it for prominence, the tiara is too thin, look’s like a band, could be a little more regal. The cut of the top is pretty much spot on, but the fabric is all wrong, look’s cheap to much shine. The eagle is descent, I would leave the red star out. The style of the belt is to hard need’s a little more softness to it for elegance, the red star on it could stay, but two is to much. The bracelets are good as such is the lasso, good texture. The tights I’m not to keen on, like the traditional swim cut with stars. If their going to stay with the tights then a little darker and a better textile, if she fighting crime somthing a little more utilitarian. The color of the boot’s should definitly red, white or gold stripe applied. The shap of them is good but might look better without the WW on top of them. Overall just need a little more skin without being to sexist, it’s just that I have that classic version in my mind. Not all the time tough. I hope the series does good and Adrianne Palicki gives the character credence. For the CO’s at WB you get what you put in, and this is a franchise piece. From the lasso of truth. Ross P.Scaffidi

  • Ml Undercuffler

    uuggg!!! terrible! looks like a crappy holloween costume. or a las vegas hooker. wonder woman is suposed to look tall, strong, and classically beautiful. like an AMAZON!!! think an olympic athlete. i’m SOOOOO disappointed. Linda Carter looked the part. This production is doomed.

  • I couldn’t agree more.

  • I wouldn’t say doomed if the scripts and the action are good.

  • You were thorough with your costume corrections.

    Lets just hope we do not get another The Cape from this series.

  • Salji78

    worst costume ever I hope You realize that you ar killing the movie from the beggining

  • They are developing another Wonder Woman away from this series for the movie.

  • Haris

    this show will never make season 2.. no one will watch episode 2.. because episode 1 will fail.. Wonder woman is a great character.. produces should have shoot place like themiscera (home of wonder woman) but they are shooting at city its not ganna work..

  • Was that really worth the photoshop? Why not just “The pants and boots should be darker”?

  • I hope this show gets picked up by someone. WW gets nowhere near the amount of attention she should in media outside of comics. How many Superman and Batman shows/movies have there been? And it’s not like her few endeavors have been sinkers either. The Lynda Carter show was insanely popular was it not?

  • You’re right. Its already failed.

  • It will not get picked up by someone else. First they would have to watched the pilot. Then they would have to rehire all of the principal cast. That would cost millions.

  • Crazeoutdoor

    the show would not have gotten canceled if they would just leave the costume alone…serves them right for changing the costume…its not Wonder Woman if she does not have her trademark costume

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