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ADVENTURE TIME: Adventure Time takes the Mad Max Fury Road

Madventure Time

Adventure Time Mad Max Mashup Art Inspires Madventure Time Trailer Tribute. Hey kids, wanna add a little Adventure Time to your Lovely Day? Didn’t think your trip down the Fury Road had enough acidity to it? Well Max out on this Madness – back in June, artist / musician Ryan May  saw a little Adventure Time magic, in his take-away from the Mad Max relaunch, and created a series of posters, re-imagining Fury Road characters as their likely Adventure Time counterparts.

Ryan May’s Fury Road Adventure Time re-cast images:

Finn Madventure Time

In the Desert of Doom, there can be only Finn, as the Road Warrior,


The Ice King Madventure Time

And the Ice King, as Immortan Joe,


Princess Bubblegum Madventure Time

Leaving Princess Bubblegum the role of Imperator Furiosa – and yes, her prosthetic is made of candy,


Princess Bubblegum Finn Princess Breeders Madventure Time

And no, she’s not very sweet;


Marceline the Vampire Queen Madventure Time

But Marceline the Vampire Queen, as the guitar-wielding, flame-throwing Doof Warrior, is just horribly sweet.


Lemongrab Finn Madventure Time

As for Lemongrab… he’s got that Nux/surfing the Road Warrior thing going on; so there’s that….


Yeah, so plenty for the imagination to playfully paw to death, there; but one fan took it a step further.

Apparently, Russian animator, Egor Zhgun, decided that the concept was good, but lacked something your everyday trip kind of requires: movement. Harkening back to the source, Zhgun applied May’s reimagining to one of the original Fury Road trailers – voices, sound, and all – even adding roles (Jake, as the Interceptor, FTW), to bring a little Madventure Time to whom it may concern… or delight… or just freak out….

Egor Zhgun’s Madventure Time:


While Ryan May’s art was more likely a response to the release of Fury Road, than a cross-promotion for the announced Adventure Time big screen treatment, Egor Zhgun’s animated trailer treatment would fit in nicely with a future AT movie promo blitz (hint, hint, Warner people).

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Sources: Nerdist, Reddit

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