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AGENT CARTER: First Season 2 TV Show Poster Sets the Mood [ABC]

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

New season TV show poster shows change of scene & style for ABC’s Agent Carter. Ordinarily, I’d start with a line like “The Ma’am in the Hat is Back;” but Agent Carter’s season 1 signature red hat seems to be out of the picture, at the moment. I liked that hat. Still, insomuch as the red hat made an early impression, for the season 1 roll-out promo blitz, I imagine similar considerations went into the ‘softer, gentler, gun-wielding sunbather’ image; the kind one might expect from a war wary Brit, having hit the bricks of post-war NYC, only to be transplanted to sunny L.A..

Entertainment Weekly has provided a first look image, at just what such a change in scene could bring to both Hayley Atwell’s Carter, and the overall dynamic of the show.

EW’s Agent Carter, season 2 poster:

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

“Cars, cigars, egos… is it me, or are the male compensation implements actually bigger in this town?  I guess this dress won’t be needing a holster.”

Well, to me, the obvious difference is the trading in of a sharp suit, for a sunnier dress, and a less congested field of fire. What isn’t all that different: same pistol, same primarily red & blue colors (“the hat might still appear, Rabbit, it might”), same “now wot” war wary Brit exposition. I expect her pistol represents the seedy, L.A. Confidential styled underbelly of LA-LA Land (Atwell has already said as much) – belying the sunnier, more glamorous setting. As for how the change might play into the MJU’s TV mythology….

Tony Stark was always a West Coaster, at heart, and I imagine his father was more at home womanizing Hollywood’s vainest, than New York’s most jet-set. This, in turn, suggests a nice set-up for the transplanting of Madam Mask, from current Iron Man socialite villain, to Agent Carter leading lady period villain. The change in scene might actually prove familiar, to Jarvis (James D’Arcy) – given his previous boss; but it is also likely to affect Carter’s new work dynamic, with her old SSR colleagues – just not necessarily as an improvement.

It’s enough to make you want to walk around, casually dressed, with a gun in your hand; but we don’t get to do that, no. We get to carry this poster around, as copies will be available at Marvel’s Agents of Primetime venue, for this year’s Comic Con, representing both Agent Carter, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Until then (Oct. 9), however, EW has it covered.

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