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AGENTS OF SHIELD: Gabriel Luna Explains Why Ghost Rider Didn’t Kill Quake [ABC]

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Gabriel Luna Gives a Reason Why Ghost Rider Didn’t Kill Quake on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Robbie Reyes had his chance last week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to face off against Daisy Johnson, but his alter ego Ghost Rider spared her life. Gabriel Luna gave some details on the reasoning behind that and what’s coming for these two in the fourth season.

Fans were overjoyed when they got their first look at Gabriel Luna in action as the hellish Ghost Rider during the season premiere. The episode displayed Reyes and Quake as they had their first fight, with Ghost Rider coming out the victor but spares Daisy and walked away. Luna spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what went on Rider’s mind. “The Ghost Rider has one thing on his mind: Seek out and eliminate the sinner,” Luna said. “The Rider has his own designs. It’s like your shadow — you can’t shake it. Once you give into him, he takes over completely.”

Luna further explained that the spirit’s single-minded focus is why Ghost Rider didn’t kill Daisy despite her pleads. “He saw a penitent woman. He looked into her eyes and saw a woman who is obviously trying to atone for something, but it’s definitely nothing that she did. The Rider has the ability to see through and into the bones of someone — into their heart and their soul. He sees a woman trying to be good.”

During tonight’s episode, we will see Daisy keeping an eye on Robbie after seeing what kind of a person he really is. “They both have certain things in common, so I think they’re going to both be intrigued with one another pretty early on in terms of how they operate,” says Chloe Bennet. “They’re both organically loners, and they’re both actually good people at the end of the day. Maybe they haven’t been dealt a great hand, and they’re just trying to get by and do what’s right again.”

With that in mind, Luna warned viewers not to think that the pair will team up, saying that their paths eventually cross towards the same goal. “While you can’t call us a team, we’re certainly aligned, but it’s mainly because we’re all seeking the same thing.”

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