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ALIEN: COVENANT (2017): Ridley Scott Says Film Will Have ‘Hard’ R Rating

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Ridley Scott expects Alien: Covenant to be rated R. The upcoming installment in the Alien franchise will feature extremely graphic material according to the film’s director.

Discussing the Alien prequel behind the scenes, Scott revealed that he was intentionally aiming for a “pretty hard R” rating. He also said that he planned to include something in the film that he described as “much worse” than the famous scene in the original film where a baby alien bursts from John Hurt’s chest. Superherohype adds:

I always remember walking down the edge in Saint Louis when we were previewing [Alien],” Scott recalls. “I couldn’t sit through the film one more time. I walked down the edge into the kitchen scene when John Hurt started to bring up his breakfast. That moment, I realized how pretty scary the film was… I felt a sense of responsibility that I had gone too far because it was extreme. I’m going to try and do that again this year, but much worse.”

Surpassing the previous Alien films, almost all of which were rated R, in terms of horror and gore is no small task. The decade-long franchise is renowned for it’s consistently suspenseful nature and numerous instances of terrifying Xenomorph aliens brutally murdering human characters. Scott himself has long been involved with the series, directing the original 1979 film and returning years later to helm 2012’s Prometheus, a prequel film to the first. That film served as the first part of a larger prequel trilogy, of which Alien: Covenant is the newest installment.

Continuing the story started in Prometheus, Alien: Covenant features Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender as the characters they played in the previous film, with Rapace reprising her role as scientist Elizabeth Shaw and Fassbender as the synthetic android David. Katherine Waterston is also slated to star as Daniels, although little is known about the character at this point.

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Source: Superherohype


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