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AMAZON: The CW Officially Strikes Planned Wonder Woman Prequel TV Show

Wonder Woman Infinite Crisis variants

The CW cancels plans for Wonder Woman prequel Amazon. Clear a spot at the Wonder Woman burial plot, Amazon joins the ever growing list of would-be Wonder Woman projects to fall by the wayside. The series had been in development since 2012, and was expected to be a part of a comic-themed CW line-up that would have included Arrow and the upcoming Flash. There had been no real progress on that development, of late, and when asked for an update, CW president, Mark Pedowitz, was quoted as saying “We did not go forward with it,” by The Hollywood Reporter. While that might seem like a relatively glib pronouncement, it was not his final word on the subject.

Mark Pedowitz on Wonder Woman’s TV prospects:

“It all depends on the script. We were very careful with ‘Arrow’ and we’re being very careful with ‘Flash.’ These are iconic characters so we’re going to be very careful with Wonder Woman. You only get one shot before you get bit.”

To put things in perspective, there has not been a successful live-action Wonder Woman project since Lynda Carter hung up the iconic tiara back in 1979. In fact, take a failed 2011 pilot out of the equation, and there has not been an official live-action Wonder Woman anywhere, since the 1975–1979 series.

It wasn’t from a lack of trying, though. There were two syndicated TV projects, during the 90s, that failed to make pilot. There was the much lamented Joss Whedon big screen treatment that launched in 2001 (Whedon was brought onboard in 2005), that, in turn, precluded a Wonder Woman appearance on the TV series Smallville (remember the later seasons’ Justice League lite effort?). Finally, came the much maligned David E. Kelley 2011 NBC pilot, along with much consideration on how to get the Justice League (Wonder Woman included) to the big screen, ahead of The Avengers (where Whedon landed). Film-Book has published numerous articles on Wonder Woman here.

The demise of Amazon does more than just dash the hopes of Wonder Woman fans, it reinforces the long held notion that Warner Bros. just doesn’t know what to do with DC comic’s flagship female hero. Worse, that there simply isn’t any real interest in the character – not as a solo venture, anyway.

Fans will still have Gal Gadot, by way of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel (“You all still have Snyder!”).

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