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Amazon to Produce its own Films For Theatrical Release

Amazon Studios

Amazon to Release Feature Films. Amazon studios recently announced their plan to release their own films in theaters, with an initial order of 12 films. These feature films will be set for a wide release and eventually find their way to Amazon Instant Video/Amazon Prime 4-8 weeks after the theatrical release.

The move is a logical next step in Amazon’s development strategy. The studio unit of the retail giant already produces its own shows, such as the Golden Globe winning Transparent. The plan to release 12 films is ambitious, to say the least, yet it is a strong indicator of how important VOD has become over the past few years.

Amazon already provides a large number of shows for its customer to rent or buy, the addition of internally produced content allows Amazon to severely reduce their own costs whilst also creating service exclusive content. Netflix, Amazon’s main rival in the VOD sector already produces its own shows, such as the critically acclaimed series House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black. Those two series, and more, are exclusive to Netflix. Netflix, also recently announced their plans of releasing an original feature film; a sequel to Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The recent VOD release of The Interview is a prime example of a theater bound film that found success outside of the cinema. The film pulled in $15 million in digital sales after it was scrapped from theaters.

Amazon studios VP Roy Price stated that the production would begin later in 2015 with an emphasis on creating exciting and fresh content. It’s not entirely certain what we’ll get from the studio when the time comes, although, it never hurts to have more choices.

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