Frozen Ever After

The Animation Podcast Ep. 27. The Animation Podcast is a weekly podcast news show that looks into the latest news in the animation industry, hosted by FilmBook, created and narrated by FilmBook author Mathieu Brunet a.k.a. AniMat from the ElectricDragon505 YouTube channel.

In this episode, The Animation Podcast examines (the highlights):

  • Original cast returns to the Walt Disney World attraction Frozen Ever After
  • First trailer of Rock Dog
  • Eric Goldberg was a special guest animator for a couch gag for The Simpsons
  • Disney Parks artist John Ramirez designed a ride based on My Neighbor Totoro
  • Mat’s Pick of the Week: Cartoon Brew attacks Bloomberg over an article on animated films

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The Animation Podcast Ep. 27

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About the author

Mathieu Brunet

My name is Mathieu Brunet (it’s French) and I have been an independent film critic for the past 5 years. My passion is animation and I’ve been writing and making my own video reviews of animated features on my YouTube channel (ElectricDragon505), which now has about 55,000 subscribers, housing videos with total views over 20,000,000. I am the creator of Electric Dragon Productions which includes AniMat’s Reviews and AniMat’s Classic Reviews.

  • Aileen C

    It’s not the story, but the execution, that matters, IMO. For example, HTTYD is an age old story, executed brilliantly. Then again I’m a sucker for dogs, so I’m drawn to this film 😛 Bodi’s dad looks more like a Tibetan Mastiff than he does, which is weird.
    It’s neat to see someone so passionate about animation. It’s my favourite medium for film. 98% of my favourite films are animated xD

    (below are some images of Tibetan Mastiffs I found online, that makes them look cute and not like the bear from The Revenant :L)

  • Mat Brunet (AniMat)

    You do bring up a very good point. Again, it’s very coincidental how Ash Brannon is directing this as well, because Surf’s Up is another fantastic example of execution despite the story being used more than a bathroom door. But then again, I’m only talking about the trailer and there could be a chance that it can have potential. It’s just for now, it’ll have to do a lot more than this to sell me on the idea of Rock Dog.

    And by the way, glad that you’re enjoying the podcast 🙂 I always make it my duty here to speak from the heart and about my passion

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