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The Animation Podcast Ep. 36. The Animation Podcast is a weekly podcast news show that looks into the latest news in the animation industry, hosted by FilmBook, created and narrated by FilmBook author Mathieu Brunet a.k.a. AniMat from the ElectricDragon505 YouTube channel.

In this episode, The Animation Podcast examines (the highlights):

  • Finding Dory made the biggest opening weekend for an animated feature with $135 million
  • Pixar’s Peter Sohn’s tribute to late Studio Ghibli animator Makiko Futaki
  • Cartoon Network is releasing a Ben 10 reboot in Fall 2017
  • Udon Entertainment to release a Yu-Gi-Oh! art book of the trading card game
  • Mat’s Pick of the Week: Sony Pictures Animation announced full plan for 2017-2018

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The Animation Podcast Ep. 36

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About the author

Mathieu Brunet

My name is Mathieu Brunet (it’s French) and I have been an independent film critic for the past 5 years. My passion is animation and I’ve been writing and making my own video reviews of animated features on my YouTube channel (ElectricDragon505), which now has about 55,000 subscribers, housing videos with total views over 20,000,000. I am the creator of Electric Dragon Productions which includes AniMat’s Reviews and AniMat’s Classic Reviews.

  • Dave 52

    What about the recent Storks trailer that was released? Why wasn’t that mentioned?

  • Spyder Soup

    I think he hasn’t seen it yet.

  • Spyder Soup

    Looks like Cartoon Network is becoming the new Sony Pictures Animation of cable TV where all they wanna do is made nothing but a bunch of crappy reboots of their most popular TV shows of all time. It made me think about both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and made me realise that they are actually switching places in terms of popularity and how they are. Nickelodeon WAS the Sony Pictures Animation of cable TV with shows like Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig and Cartoon Network was big with Adventure Time and Steven Universe. But then Nickelodeon became better with Harvey Beaks and The Loud House, but Cartoon Network became worse with Teen Titans Go and The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot. See what I mean?

  • Dave 52

    The only difference is that Cartoon Network has currently five good to great animated shows to hold them up from things like TTG and PPG 2016 (Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Gumball, Regular Show, Adventure Time) while Nickelodeon currently only has two actually worth going to their network for (Harvey Beaks, The Loud House). Cartoon Network has a variety, Nicklodeon does not.

  • Oscar

    See, Spyder Soup? This is the main problem: If Sony Pictures Animation shuts down, i will lose chance of getting the rights of The Smurfs. but Mat keeps saying that SPA shuts down. we need help, a professional animation help.

  • Oscar

    i posted a commentary here

  • Oscar

    me waiting for help, before SPA shuts down

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