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ANT-MAN (2015): Paul Rudd in Talks for Lead Role in Edgar Wright Film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Paul Rudd Ant-Man

Paul Rudd in rumored talks for titular role in Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man film. Previous rumors had Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd running neck-and-neck for the part. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt reportedly set to produce (and possibly even star in and direct) a film treatment for Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman, however, the way seems clear for Paul Rudd to seal the deal.

About Paul Rudd as Ant-Man:

Variety has described Rudd is an interesting choice as a super-hero, since he is known more for his comedic roles than action-heavy roles. It’s a move that recalls the company’s choice of Robert Downey Jr. to play Iron Man. Downey didn’t have the look of an action hero, but shared elements of Tony Stark’s personality, which led to him being tapped for the role.

TheWrap noted that in recent interviews to promote “Anchorman 2, as well as his recent stint hosting “Saturday Night Live,” Rudd has appeared noticeably slimmer, and sources told them that this was due to him training for the physical role of Ant-Man.

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Personally, I think the combination of an actor like Rudd, and a director like Wright, could do some pretty offbeat things with a character like Ant-Man. I doubt there would be too many fans reaching for pitch-forks and torches if such a lesser known hero was subjected to some of Scott Pilgrim or Shaun of the Dead‘s irreverence.

Rashida Jones The Wasp

It should be noted that a costar contemporary of Rudd’s, Rashida Jones, has been rumored to be up for the role of The Wasp/ Janet Van Dyne: the occasional partner – personally and professionally – of Ant-Man/ Henry Pym.

Ant-Man is scheduled for a July 31, 2015 release.

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Source: Variety, TheWrap, ComicBookResources

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