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Apple Launching TV Streaming Service This Fall

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Apple Will Launch TV Streaming Service. Apple will be launching an online streaming service this fall. The service will be priced in the $30-40 range and offer 25 “high profile” channels such as CBS, FX, ABC, ESPN and Fox (Apple was unable to work out a deal with NBC). The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the device will be able to stream channels live to Apple TV, iPHONES, IPADs as well as devices using iOS.

Apple’s streaming service is looking to position itself as a viable alternative to those disenfranchised with costly cable packages that consist of unwanted channels. Apple’s “slimmed down” package of 25 channels will sell for a fraction of the cost of alternative cable channels that provide hundreds of channels.

Entering into the streaming service market so late in the race means that Apple will have to play catch up with their competitors. One of the hurdles that Apple will have to face is acquiring compelling content for their customers considering that Hulu, Netflix and Amazon have already locked up a lot of the major networks top programs.

Earlier this month, Apple announced a price drop for their Apple TV device ($99-$69) as well as an exclusivity deal with HBO Now (HBO’s streaming service). Apple is expected to officially announce their streaming service in June.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

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