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ARJUN: THE WARRIOR PRINCE (2012) Movie Trailer and Poster

Arjun The Warrior Prince

Arjun The Warrior Prince Trailer.  Arnab Chaudhuri‘s Arjun: The Warrior Prince movie trailer plot synopsis: “From the greatest Indian Epic, the Mahabharat, comes the legendary tale of Arjun. The epic animated feature is the heroic journey of a young prince from the days of his youthful innocence to his emergence as a valiant hero who single handedly took on an entire army in the battle for justice and peace.”

The movie trailer immediately reminded me of Princess Mononoke.

The Arjun: The Warrior Prince movie poster:

Arjun The Warrior Prince Movie Poster

Arjun: The Warrior Prince poster

A translation of some of the dialogue found in this Arjun: The Warrior Prince movie trailer (It’s in Hindi):

“Have the mothers of earth stopped giving birth to brave men?”

“Is there an archer (who can accomplish this)? Is there?!”

Drona: “Yudhishtira, what do you see?”

Yudhishtira: “Ten mango trees, three Bo-trees and one Audumbar tree.”

Drona: “Move aside! Arjun…?”

Arjun: “My eye sees only the eye of the bird, teacher.”

Drona: “Then release the arrow!”

“If you have to break the Pandavas, then first attack… Arjun!”

Draupadi: “Give me your word – that you will take vengeance for my humiliation from all the Kauravas!”

“Create the chakravyuha (circular formation)!”

Drona: “Get ready for battle!”

“Forget about victory and defeat – focus on action and you will fear nothing.”

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