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ARROW: David Ramsey Talks Diggle’s Future and Green Lantern Rumors

David Ramsey Addresses Green Lantern Rumors and What’s in His Future for Arrow. With every character on Arrow getting a mask, except for John Diggle. However, that is all about to change as the show goes into it’s fourth season this fall, according to what John Diggle had to say.

Speaking with, Ramsey was at the The CW’s annual upfronts presentation where he addressed about preserving Diggle’s secret identity while he’s out fighting crime. “I do think you need some kind of concealment,” he claimed, “And to that end, they are working on something. You will see something for Diggle next year, season 4. You will.”

The question remains: What kind of mask will Diggle be wearing? It was earlier this year that rumors were spreading about Diggle becoming the Green Lantern. Knowing the close friendship that the Green Arrow shares with Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, it did make sense for the show to possibly make that work with the John Stewart version. Plus, the Green Lantern has been referenced in some way from both Arrow and The Flash acknowledging his existence. But, Ramsey assured us that this was never going to be the plan:

Everyone wants to talk about John Stewart. Is it “John Stewart Diggle” or “John Diggle Stewart” or whatever, and will he be Green Lantern? Marc Guggenheim has said publicly that it’s not the way to go right now. But people are still talking about it… I think they’ve taken great strides to making John Diggle part of the lexicon, and that’s an important thing. I don’t think you want to abandon that… I think there’s something very normal about him that’s part of the appeal. I think if you put a mask on him as part of the Green Lantern Corps, and that’s wonderful by the way – John Stewart is a wonderful character – but you lose some of that. You lose part of the “everyguy” character.

What do you guys think? What sort of hero should John Diggle become next season?

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