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ARROW: Season 2: “Time of Death” marked by Clock King [CW]

Robert Knepper Clock King

The CW‘s Arrow 2.14 to feature Clock King and Dinah Lance. Arrow season 2, episode 14, “Time of Death” will introduce the character of William Tockman, aka Clock King. Robert Knepper will be portraying the precision timed, time-piece themed villain.

About Clock King:

Born “William Tockman,” the Clock King spent a large portion of his life taking dutiful care of his invalid sister, and one day found out from a doctor’s visit that he himself only had six months to live. Despairing for his sister’s future, he watched the timing of a local bank’s vault in order to rob it, hoping the money would provide for his sister after he was gone. His caper would have gone successfully, had he not tripped a silent alarm and been caught by the Green Arrow.

While he was incarcerated, his sister died without him. In further misfortune, Tockman discovered that he really wasn’t ill and was not going to die in the next six months: his doctor had accidentally switched his papers with those of another patient. Infuriated, he escaped, later futilely attempting revenge on the Green Arrow.

In addition to the the Injustice League, and Justice League: Antartica, Clock King was also a member of the Suicide Squad.

A new version of the Clock King reappears in Gotham City in The New 52 (which takes place after the events of Flashpoint) now amped up on Venom. He is shown battling the newest incarnation of the Birds of Prey. He is later seen in Seattle, as a prominent underworld figure and owner of the Midnight Lounge nightclub.

In keeping with Arrow‘s no frills style, I expect the Clock King to be a to-the-second, obsessive-compulsive planner of precision timed capers.

“Time of Death” will also follow up on Dinah Lance (Alex Kingston), set to return in episode 13, “Heir to the Demon.”

Regarding Dinah Lance’s appearance:

Given all that has transpired since she last visited – e.g. Sara’s super-secret “resurrection,” Laurel’s downward spiral – Alex Kingston’s encore as Dinah Lance promises to be a doozy. “Episode 14 is probably the most Brothers & Sisters episode we’ve done,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg says, with a nod to fellow EP Greg Berlanti’s ABC drama. “Everyone in the Lance family has big secrets and it’s all going to get blown wide open, but in a good way.”

– Matt Webb Mitovich

Arrow‘s second season is scheduled to resume January 15, 2014, on The CW.

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