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ARROW: Season 3: Brandon Routh Talks About The Atom

Brandon Routh Ray Palmer

Brandon Routh Talks About Playing The Atom on Arrow. Brandon Routh has been getting a lot of buzz about his upcoming role as Ray Palmer on the third season of Arrow. He even discussed his character suiting up as The Atom in the near future.

On his interview at The DJ Tanner Show, Brandon Routh spoke about what it was like playing Ray Palmer in The CW series Arrow. He commented about how good it felt for him to be a part of a show with a huge fan base. “My character, Ray Palmer, interacts with Felicity mostly in the episodes I’ve shot so far and it’s just a lot of fun. I have a great time working with Emily. I think it’s going to add it a whole new element to the show that I think fans will like, whether they dislike Ray getting into the middle of the Oliver/Felicity relationship or not.”

With his first six episodes already shot this season, Brandon revealed that he has yet to suit up as The Atom, but that doesn’t mean the early designs for the costume will prevent him from doing so. “It’s a totally different suit and I haven’t been in it yet, I’ve only seen drawings,” Routh said after being asked about how it compares to his Superman costume in Superman Returns. “It’s a very different character and I really can’t say too much about what the suit’s going to look like – just that it’s very different and I don’t believe it has a cape, which doesn’t really surprise anybody if you’ve seen The Atom in the comics.”

Speaking of Superman Returns, Routh went on to talk about the role of a lifetime and how it immediately jumpstarted his career. “It doesn’t weigh on me and never really did,” Routh said about playing the Man of Steel. “I took the job knowing full well that was going to be something that was going to be part of my life probably forever. Thankfully, it’s in a good way. I’m proud of the movie and a lot of people enjoyed it so that helps, I guess. And having it be such an inspirational, iconic role, that’s a nice thing to carry with me and have it be part of who people see me as.”

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