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ARROW: Season 3: Comic Swing at TV Show Poster [The CW]


The CW‘s Arrow gets comic cover treatment for season 3 TV show poster. Comic book properties has become a serious business, no doubt, but some treatments have taken themselves more seriously than others (consider the gulf, in tone, between the Dark Knight trilogy, and Guardians of the Galaxy). Arrow has been largely on the takes-itself-too-seriously side of the scale. With its burden-of-the-man’s-journey-to-mythic-hero theme, it’s only fitting that its promotional posters reflect the gravity of the protagonists’ disposition.

Arrow season 3 promotional posters:


When The Arrow (Stephen Amell) sets out to protect a place like Starling City, it’s a solo soft shoe.



– But when he does it with friends like these, it’s a Riverdance line.

Well, either the (heavy handed) writing has been on the wall long enough, or soon-to-be stablemate The Flash is already having an influence, but the latest season 3 poster manages to simultaneously address Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) ongoing identity crisis, pay homage to Arrow‘s comic book roots, and poke a bit of fun at itself, in the process.

Arrow season 3 premiere cover art poster:


“It’s called ‘Olicity,’ not the ‘Arrow-stocracy’ – the shippers have spoken!” POW – right in the Felicity kisser.

At least, I hope it’s poking fun at itself – the poster is tragically corny & stiff (the artist seemed more focused on likenesses than action dynamics). More of a lampoon than actual cover art; so let’s just say it was done on purpose.

Arrow, “featuring the new & improved Vertigo,” returns, for its third season, Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 8pm EST, on The CW.

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