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ARROW: Stephen Amell Clarifies Flashpoint Comments [The CW]

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Stephen Amell walks back remarks he made about Arrow‘s connection to Flashpoint. The Arrow star explained that earlier comments he made about the possibility of the CW superhero show tying into the famous DC Comics storyline have been misinterpreted.

Noteworthy for launching the New 52, the now-classic crossover story resulted in dramatic changes to the DC universe that ultimately prompted the company to reboot it’s entire line of monthly superhero comics. As such, Flashpoint occupies a special place in DC history and the possibility of it being adapted for the small screen is a huge point of interest to fans. It was this curiosity that led a fan to ask Amell at a convention on Sunday about whether Arrow would be affected by any attempts at adapting Flashpoint. Although it was widely reported that Amell unreservedly answered the question in the affirmative, the actor has taken to social media to make it clear that this was not the case:

Replying to a fan on Facebook who asked about the “Flashpoint” rumors, Amell said, “Actually I sarcastically said ‘sure’…And then I seriously said, ‘I have no idea whatsoever’… but let’s go with confirm, I guess.”

While “Flashpoint” isn’t totally written off for “Arrow” Season 5, it’s clear that it’s far from being confirmed. Season 3 of “The Flash” is set to tackle the now-classic DC Comics storyline that ignited the New 52.

Additionally, it was announced this weekend that WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes will be appearing in “Arrow” Season 5.

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