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ARROW: Stephen Amell Discusses Potential Crossover With Supergirl [The CW]

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Stephen Amell talks about the possibility of Arrow doing a crossover with Supergirl. The CW superhero show star believes that Oliver Queen will eventually have a run-in with Kara Danvers.

Originally airing on CBS, Supergirl has been picked up by The CW for it’s second season. This move has generated much excitement over the fact that the network is already home to not two, but three distinct programs based on DC properties. This wasn’t lost on Amell, who noted that it’s an opportunity “that may not exist again” and added “I would expect that we would do something” in reference to combining the different shows:

Talk then turned to Amell’s brief stint in the WWE last year which saw him step into the ring for SummerSlam in a match where he really impressed fans with his physicallity. However, is there a chance that he’ll return to the squared circle any time soon? “I love the WWE so much and I was so honoured to take part in SummerSlam. I would love to go back and do WWE stuff. I think some of the chances I took, when I dove off the top rope, I didn’t tell anyone from Warner Bros or Paramount that I was doing that! So if I went back they would probably want some assurances that I’d refuse to give them so we’ll see. I may have to be done with both Turtles and Arrow before I step back in the ring.”

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