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ASH VS. EVIL DEAD: Starz CEO Shares Network’s Series Plans [TCA 2015]

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Starz CEO Gives Updates On Ash Vs. Evil Dead. While attending the 2015 Television Critics Association press tour, Starz Network CEO Chris Albrecht shared some new details on the upcoming Ash vs Evil Dead series with IGN.

On episode lengths,

The series, reuniting executive producer/director Sam Raimi, executive producer Rob Tapert and executive producer/star Bruce Campbell, will have half hour long episodes, not an hour, which surprised some. Regarding how that came to be, Albrecht said, “The half hour idea was their idea. And I can tell you it’s a chock-full half hour.

Regarding when the show will make its debut, Albrecht said,

I think most likely it will be fourth quarter [of 2015]. End of third quarter, fourth quarter, something like that. We’ve got a lot of shows this year. We’re very, very excited.

I was hoping that the series using the 1-hour episodes similar to El Ray’s From Dusk Till Dawn series. The half hour format seems to be the sweet spot for dramatic comedies such as Weeds and House of Lies and given what we know about Ash vs. Evil Dead’s mix of horror and comedy, it will likely have more in common with the latter two shows. On the bright side, this show will lend itself perfectly to binge watching sessions.

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 Source: IGN

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