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AVENGERS: Hugh Jackman Open To Playing Wolverine Again For Marvel Series

Hugh Jackman X Men Avengers

Hugh Jackman Willing To Reprise Role As Wolverine For Avengers

Logan star Hugh Jackman says that he is amenable to returning to the role of Wolverine for Marvel‘s Avengers series.

Jackman’s statement comes, funnily enough, just a days after he announced that his performance as the character in Logan would be his last. Although he made it appear that his comments were the last word on the matter, it appears that he has already had a change of heart about the matter, albeit after taking certain special circumstances (i.e. appearing in a proper Marvel film) into account.

Indeed, the reason Wolverine and his fellow X-Men haven’t appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date is because 20th Century Fox still retains the rights to film adaptations starring those characters. However, similar circumstances existed regarding Spider-Man and now the wallcrawler is set to appear in his own MCU film now that Marvel and Sony have worked out a deal, so maybe an appearance by Jackman’s Wolverine isn’t out of the question., the source of this story, quoted Jackman as follows:

The fact that Fox’s Wolverine films can’t include any Marvel Studios properties also had an effect on “Logan,” Jackman also admitted. “When I spoke with the guys who created [the story] ‘Old Man Logan’ – a lot of people think, ‘Oh this is ‘Old Man Logan.’ And I’m like, ‘Well…’ The inspiration for that was ‘Unforgiven.’ That’s what we have in common. But there’s no Hulk babies in this one.”

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