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BATMAN: The Complete Series: Blu-ray Release Date & Trailer

Batman '66

Batman: The Complete TV Series coming to Blu-ray/ DVD. After ages in syndication, and even longer as a pop cultural go-to reference, Batman (aka Batman ’66) will finally be receiving the deluxe boxed set treatment – complete with enough fixings to make even the most ironic critic of the camp-fest impressed (if only a little). What, you didn’t think Batman’s 75th year would pass without the relative no one talks about showing up, did you?

This is where I’d do my rendition of the theme song… but I’m not going to.

The first live-action Batman treatment, the series ran from 1966-1968, with a feature film treatment between seasons one & two, and made Adam West a household name to this day (albeit, not always for flattering reasons). It may have also provided the fever break that brought the Batman character back to his dark detective roots, but that’s another bat-story (for another bat-channel). Bane to “serious” bat-fans, or not, Adam West has been benefiting from his notoriety, in recent years; so his commentary will likely be a highlight of the set.

I know what you’re thinking: Just listening to Adam West talk shop & dish dirt isn’t enough; you want to be able to take him out of his comfort zone, with awkward questions & observations. Well, you may get your chance when Mr. West joins the DC Comics New York Comic Con 2014 panel.

The official press release:


Spotlight on Beloved Actor and Highly-Anticipated Details for Blu-Ray/DVD Release at Thursday, October 9 Panel

Holy Bat Panels!

Fans will get all the details on the most anticipated home entertainment release in fanboy history when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment puts Adam West center-stage for a Bat-tastic look at “Batman: The Complete TV Series” during a special Thursday, October 9 panel at New York Comic Con.

Starting at 6:45pm on the Main Stage in the Jacob Javits Convention Center, fans in attendance – and those live-streaming the panel at home – will get an inside sneak peak at all the exclusive content in this long-awaited home entertainment release, as well as dazzling HD remastered footage from the landmark series.

“Batman: The Complete TV Series” will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment as a Limited Edition Box Set, and on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, starting November 11, 2014.

Batman: The Complete TV Series set:

Batman: The Complete Television Series set

Because you can’t have swagger without swag, baby.

The release also suggests a further softening of 20th Century Fox’s attitude, in the comic book properties game. Time was, Fox had the reputation of not playing well with others (with its death-grip on Marvel’s mutants, and that whole mess with Warner Bros., over Watchmen); but as the original producer of the series, its co-operation was necessary for Warner Bros. to pull this off. Throw in the release of its rights to Marvel’s Daredevil, for the upcoming Netflix series, and I’d say Fox has been working on its people skills. Now hand over the mutants, or Les Grossman gets parachuted into your studio lot.

Watch the Batman: The Complete TV Series trailer and leave your thoughts on it, and the Blu-ray release, below in the comments section. For more Batman photos, videos, and information, visit our Batman Page, subscribe to us by Email, follow us on TwitterTumblr, or “like us” on Facebook. Batman: The Complete TV Series will be available starting November 11, 2014.

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