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BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE (2016): Mark Hamill’s Joker Performance Might Not Be His Last

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Mark Hamill indicates he may continue playing The Joker after Batman: The Killing Joke. The Star Wars actor suggested he might keep voicing the Clown Prince of Crime after the film’s release.

Hamill made the announcement on Twitter during an online Q&A session. One fan asked the star if his performance in The Killing Joke would be his last as The Joker, imploring him to “Please say no.” To this, Hamill simply replied “no,” giving no indication as to whether or not he was joking. If he was being serious, then it wouldn’t be the first time Hamill has changed his mind about retiring from the role:

A few years ago, after the release of the critically acclaimed video game sequel Batman: Arkham CityMark Hamill, the man behind the iconic voice of the Clown Prince of Crime, announced his retirement from voicing the character. Fans were disappointed to hear the news, but to their surprise, Mark Hamill made his grandiose return as the Joker in the final chapter of the Batman Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight.

Ever since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Hamill has been adamant that the only time he’d ever voice the Joker again would be if Warner Bros. and DC should make an animated feature of Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. It wasn’t much of a surprise when Hamill would once again announce his return as the Joker for the upcoming animated feature. However, with Hamill completing his promise, it seems like his reign as the Joker is truly over, or at least so we thought.

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