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BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN (2015): Adam Driver considered for Nightwing Role

Adam Driver Nightwing

Adam Driver is the current favorite for the role of Nightwing in Man of Steel 2. The famous sidekick of Batman will one of the many famous characters to possibly be included in the highly anticipated film that will put DC’s finest, Batman and Superman, on a collision course.

Adam Driver doesn’t have any experience with the comic book world found in Man of Steel (2013) or any superhero films for that matter. He is most famous for his role in the comedic show Girls and he has previously landed secondary roles in spectacular historical films like Lincoln (2012) and J. Edgar (2011). When it comes to experience, he doesn’t quite seem like a fitting match for the dark, loyal character of Nightwing. When it comes down to his looks, he could definitely pass as an ambitious, devoted hero. There may be frailty but there is also nobility in his expression. Either way, he is more or less another questionable casting choice for Man of Steel 2 after Ben Affleck.

Apparently Man of Steel 2 will include a lot more conflicts than the main one between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. There may be some sort of confrontation, even if it will probably be of a more friendly nature, between Nightwing and Batman as well. Furthermore, Batman will possibly have a love interest (or Wonder Woman will make an appearance) and the search for a proper actress has already begun. Famous names like Olga Kurylenko are rumored to be among the front runners for the role.

Man of Steel 2 will essentially have Superman as its protagonist but it seems like we will be seeing Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil’s superhero characters in equal measures. There are too many supporting characters on Batman’s side in order for the film to go any other way. This is good news for sure. It’s not like there is a place for comparison but remember how The Joker’s screen time in The Dark Knight almost matched Batman’s and the triumphant result that caused.

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