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BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN (2015): Batman May Control an Army of Drones

Batman Army of Drones

Batman will control an army of drones in the Man of Steel 2. This is the freshest and so far one of the most revealing rumors regarding the plot of highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman and promises to show us a more action, ready-for-warfare Batman.

With this piece of information, the summed up story of Ben Affleck’s Batman in Man of Steel 2 (2015) so far looks as follows: although he might be in control of robotic soldiers for his battle against Henry Cavill‘s Superman, he will also be semi-retired, and have a quarrel with his otherwise devoted ally Nightwing.

David S. Goyer is certainly working hard on the plot. If this is what Batman’s storyline looks like, we can only imagine what Superman will have to go through. Man of Steel’s story wasn’t the film’s problem anyway. The problematic side of it was Zack Snyder’s direction that turned it into an uninspiring money-spinner. Hopefully, Goyer has come up with even more drama now and Snyder has made an attempt to learn from his mistakes.

On the other hand, perhaps a Batman that controls a robotic army is not exactly what some fans would want to see. Batman has always been popular as a detective, not a commander of countless troops (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns being the exception). In terms of plot, it is perfectly logical for Batman to have all sorts of gadgets and weaponry in order to stand a chance against Superman but comic-book fans adapt to change with great difficulty.

The worrying question about whether or not DC’s highly anticipated film will turn out to be a success or a failure is still very much at hand as always. The script could have a lot of potential with its hinted at level 0f diversity. Still, it looks like the stress is still very much on action and explosions and this is one bad decision the Man of Steel franchise shouldn’t make again.

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