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BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN (2015): Ben Affleck’s Devotion to the Batman Role

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Ben Affleck is working extremely hard for his Batman role. The actor has already started preparations on it and he has even built a Bat Cave-like entrance of his own in his home. Affleck has been a fan of the Dark Knight since he was a child and is determined to win the admiration of fans.

According to Affleck’s friend Kevin Smith, the actor spent fifty thousand dollars in order to build the bat-cave-like entrance on his front door. Such devotion is very rare nowadays especially when it comes down to younger film-making talents such as Affleck. It is quite possible that he is passionately trying to defend himself as a suitable choice for Batman. Either way, it is wonderful that Affleck is trying hard to do a get the role right for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

It has been widely reported for a long time now that DC fans are in outrage after he was cast. It is true that Affleck has plenty to live up to. Christian Bale is one of the most hard-working and devoted professionals in the contemporary film industry. His performances as Bruce Wayne in all three Christopher Nolan films were very strong.

Affleck is unlikely to make a better Batman. As an actor he’s not skilled enough and in all honesty his voice isn’t a very good match either. That doesn’t mean his interpretation of the character won’t be successful. Many stars like Matt Damon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have already praised the choice of Affleck as the new Caped Crusader. They certainly support him for more than just the fact that he is a friend.

Affleck is a great writer and a great director. If he has proven to have that much talent for film-making then he most certainly has the potential to play a good Batman. Consider some of his great performances like the one in Boiler Room, where he played a confident businessman, similar to  the character of Bruce Wayne (in terms of Bruce’s official public image).

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