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BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN (2015): Jackie Earle Haley Turned Down for Role

Jackie Earle Haley

Jackie Earle Haley has unsuccessfully auditioned for a role in Man of Steel 2. The newest casting rumor for the upcoming DC superhero film disappoints in multiple ways and once again leaves DC fans only with the hope of better decision making in the future.  

Jackie Earle Haley is a legend and an actor cinema fans love and superhero fans worship, mostly because of his superb portrayal of Rorschach in another Zack Snyder, superhero, DC film (one of his most successful films) entitled Watchmen. This would have been a perfect collaboration especially for a project which has put so much pressure on Snyder in terms of high expectations and ambition.

Unfortunately, Jackie Earle Haley wasn’t chosen for the film regardless if he auditioned for the role of the bald Lex Luthor or someone else.


If it is true Snyder must have a really strict vision regarding the film because Jackie Earle Haley is more or less responsible for Snyder successfully boarding the Man of Steel franchise. It was the actor’s performance as Rorschach that partly made the film so memorable and it was Watchmen that Warner Bros was looking into when they were searching for a director for their Superman reboot franchise.

Furthermore, Jackie Earle Haley is arguably perfect for the role of Lex Luthor – the villainous, powerful, gritty arch-enemy of Superman – when the levels of madness and terror he can display are taken into consideration. Either way, he joins the list of countless other great actors who have been denied a place in the DC superhero film of 2015.  The truth is that Man of Steel 2 (2015) seems to be gathering actors of lesser experience only and that could be either very bold and right or very stupid and wrong. Zack Snyder has at least another year in which he has to make important decisions so Man of Steel 2 could still very easily go in either directions.  

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