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Blu-ray Review: THE TERMINATOR (1984): Limited Edition: James Cameron

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator, 1984

The Terminator: Limited Edition Blu-ray Review, a 1984 movie directed by James Cameron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton, Brian Thompson, Lance Henriksen, and Bill Paxton.

Release Date: May 10, 2011

The Terminator Review

The Terminator is a seminal film in the science fiction and horror film categories, an intelligent water-shed moment for both genres in which a highly inventive story is introduced along with the elements that make each their own unique entity. Though The Terminator‘s core concept is “retro-active abortion”, this idea is complemented by man versus machine action, tension-breaking levity, and present and future-day warfare gore.

At the center of this tale is not the standard butch hero ready for all the challenges thrown his way but the furtherest person from that physical and psychological configuration: a female restaurant waitress named Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). Though her compatriot Sergeant Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) is that lauded archetype previously spoken of, his backstory, his world, and their shared arch-enemy are non-typical.

Like most film killers from Michael Myers to Jason Voorhees, the T-101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) displays no emotion, fear or remorse. Like those killers, he was made by man and resembles them but he is something much more: He is man’s future (one possible future) and a representation of their barbarism when it comes to desire and self-preservation. The artificial intelligence that sent the T-101 to kill Sarah Connor did so to perserve its own existence (a very human, frightening reaction to impeding death) and those of its synthetic kind, though it is the only one of its “race” that has the ability to grow and evolve.

The Terminator: Limited Edition Blu-ray Cover

The Terminator Video

This is the best the film has ever looked but I have read that the film looks the same as the previous Blu-ray version. If the viewer is used to the old versions of The Terminator they showed on TV and the newer one on AMC, this is the best they will have ever seen the film, even if they have seen it dozens of times of times before (not including the previous Blu-ray version).

The Terminator Audio

The viewer of the old versions of the film will immediately notice the new sound effects added here and there during the future scenes in the film, some matching those from Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and the gun battles.

The Terminator Bonus Features

7 Deleted Scenes

After watching all of the deleted scenes, the viewer will realize why they were cut from the film. The ones evolving Cyberdyne Systems are telling but ultimately unnecessary for the narrative of the film.

Creating The Terminator: Visual Effects & Music

Terminator: A Retrospective

Final Thoughts

The only distinguishable difference between this Blu-ray version and the last one seems to be the presence of the Blu-ray booklet containing trivia and background information on the cast, the film’s shooting, and the casting process for the film.

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