The Bottom Line: August 5, 2016: “Worst Heroes Ever”

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Quick Takes

Jason Bourne won the weekend with a very good opening of $59.2 million. Star Trek Beyond dropped to number two, and Bad Moms surprised everyone and took third place.  The Secret Life of Pets and Ice Age: Collision Course dropped down to fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Box Office Top Five

Jason Bourne  proved the franchise still has some life left in it, raking in $59.2 million for first place this weekend. Star Trek Beyond dropped to second place with $24.8 million, which was expected, though lower than Trek fans who want a sequel may be hoping for. Bad Moms, a comedy with very little marketing push but a talented mostly-female cast became a surprise hit, opening in third place with $23.8 million. Finally, a pair of children’s-oriented movies rounded out the top 5, with The Secret Life of Pets taking in $18.9 million for fourth, and Ice Age: Collision Course making $11 million for fifth.

Here is a look at a few films that are opening on August 5th.

Suicide Squad (PG-13) 123 mins.

DC fans were holding out hope that Suicide Squad would be the course-corrective for the DC universe after the divisive Man of Steel and the disastrous Batman v. Superman. Alas, reviews seem to indicate Suicide Squad is an incoherent mess, but all the same, it will still make tons of money at the box office, at least in its opening weekend. Suicide Squad will be one of the big performers of the summer at first, and will almost definitely make north of $100 million this weekend – the real question will be whether it has legs, or whether it people stay away and the movie plummets like Batman v Superman did earlier this year.

Nine Lives (PG) 87 mins.

You’re kidding, right? Hollywood, you can’t be serious here. Nine Lives is the kind of movie they used to make all the time in the 80’s and 90’s. A workaholic father doesn’t have time for his family, so some supernatural force has to teach him a lesson about the real values of life (in this case, that involves Kevin Spacey turning into a cat). There’s a reason we don’t get many movies like this anymore – most of them are bad. And Nine Lives doesn’t appear to be any different. I don’t see this making an impression at the box office, not while there’s competition from other kids fare like The Secret Life of PetsIce Age, and Finding Dory. Don’t expect to see me talking about this one next week.

The Bottom Line

Suicide Squad will open at number one (obviously), while Jason Bourne will drop down to number two. Star Trek Beyond will drop to three, while Bad Moms will drop to four and The Secret Life of Pets will round out the top 5.

Movies To Look Forward To:

Sausage Party (August 12), Pete’s Dragon (August 12)

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