The Bottom Line: July 10, 2016: “Ever Wonder What Your Pets Do When You’re Not Home?”

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Quick Takes

Finding Dory maintained its first place lead at the box office with $41.8 million, besting newcomers The Legend of TarzanThe Purge: Election Year, and The BFG, which opened in second, third, and fourth, respectively.  Rounding out the top five is Independence Day: Resurgence with $16.7 million, another underperforming big-budget sequel in a year that seems full of them.

Box Office Top Five

Finding Dory is a certifiable box-office behemoth, spending its third straight week in the number one slot with $41.8 million while other films struggle to catch up. The Legend of Tarzan came closest, and is in the strange position of doing better than unexpected yet not well enough considering its budget. Still, the film came close to dethroning Dory, with $38.5 million for second place. The Purge: Election Year rode its timely political satire to third place with $31.5 million, making it another solid performer in the surprisingly solid Purge franchise. Steven Spielberg’s The BFG couldn’t capture the kids away from Dory and will likely go down this summer as another underperforming blockbuster – it opened at number 4 with $18.8 million. Finally, Independence Day: Resurgence gets knocked down to fifth place in its second weekend with $16.7 million – not exactly the nostalgic Jurassic World-style hit the studio was hoping for.

Here is a look at a few films that are opening on July 8th.

The Secret Life of Pets (PG) 90 mins.

This will be the movie that dethrones Finding Dory at the box office. Illumination Entertainment knows kids – they created the Minions after all, the most popular/annoying animated creature of the last few years. Trailers for The Secret Life of Pets have played like gangbusters, and the fact that the story seems to shamelessly rip off Toy Story probably won’t hurt, either. Families who saw Finding Dory three weeks ago and need something new to see, this is the one.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (R) 98 mins.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates should do respectable business at the box office – it’s got four funny, likable leads with a built-in fanbase. The trailers do look like they’ve got most of the jokes, though, and the film has gotten mostly mixed reviews. Unless Pets cannibalizes Dory‘s audience entirely, expect Mike and Dave to open at number three.

 The Bottom Line

The Secret Life of Pets will take the number one spot, knocking Dory down to number two. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates will open at number three, and now, let’s make a bold claim and say that The Purge and Tarzan will switch spots, so that The Purge drops to four and Tarzan drops to five.

Movies To Look Forward To:

Ghostbusters (July 15), Lights Out (July 22), Star Trek Beyond (July 22).

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