The Bottom Line: July 28, 2017: The Box Office Goes ATOMIC

Charlize Theron Atomic Blonde

The Bottom Line: July 28, 2017

Charlize Theron’s action movie renaissance continues this weekend with Atomic Blonde. Find out how it will do in this week’s edition of The Bottom Line!

Box Office Top Five

A new Christopher Nolan movie was released, so naturally it ruled the box office. Dunkirk opened in first place with $50.6 million. Girls Trip surprised some people (though not anybody who was paying attention) by taking second place with $31.3 million. Spider-Man: Homecoming continues to do good business in third place, taking in $22.2 million. War For the Planet of the Apes dropped to fourth with $20.9 million. Finally, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets did better than I expected, rounding out the top five with $17.1 million.

A Closer Look at Some of this Week’s Films.

Atomic Blonde (R) 115 mins.

Words can’t describe how excited I am for Atomic Blonde. First off, you’ve got Charlize Theron, who has been crushing it in action movies lately but hasn’t gotten her own starring vehicle. Then, you’ve got director David Leitch, one of the two responsible for a little movie called John Motherflippin’ Wick. So take one of our best actresses who has recently taken a shine to action, and pair her with the choreography of John Wick? I’m sold.

The rest of the cast supporting her is strong, too. You’ve got James McAvoy, fresh off of his career-best performance in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, Toby Jones, and lots of other great performers round it out. But the star of the movie is the action, and from what I hear, it’s incredible. I expect this to do pretty good business – the trailers are great and they’ve been everywhere, and audiences are hungry for female-driven action movies. I think this will open in first, but if it can’t take down Dunkirk, it’ll at least take second.

The Emoji Movie (PG) 86 mins.

Get ready for the most blatantly soulless movie we’ve seen in theaters in a long while. The Emoji Movie, based on the smiley faces you send your friends in text messages – yes, seriously – is a real thing that exists, and by all accounts, it is terrible. As of this writing, it hold a three percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m bummed to say this could do decent business, but usually kids fare tends to make at least some money. Still, I’m hopeful even little kids can smell a skunk when they see one, and I’ll say this takes fourth place.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (PG) 99 mins.

Al Gore is back with a new documentary to follow up his Oscar-winning 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth. This could be one of the more important films of the year, and though I’ve heard it doesn’t pack the same punch as the original, it’s still a message that needs to be heard. And the movie seems incredibly current – the trailer indicates it even covers the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, which was just a couple of months ago. The movie is opening in limited release, but I expect it do decent business, as there’s definitely an audience interested in what Gore has to say.

The Bottom Line

Atomic Blonde will open in first place, while Dunkirk will take second. Girls Trip will drop to third place, and The Emoji Movie will take a poop emoji on the box office by opening in fourth. Spider-Man: Homecoming will round out the top five.

Movies To Look Forward To:

The Dark TowerKidnapDetroit (August 4th)

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