The Bottom Line: November 17, 2017: JUSTICE LEAGUE Is Here To Underwhelm You

Justice League The Bottom line

The Bottom Line: November 17, 2017

DC finally attempts their own version of the Avengers with Justice League this weekend. Find out how it will do in this week’s edition of The Bottom Line!

Box Office Top Five

Thor: Ragnarok topped the box office again with $56.6 million. Second place went to Daddy’s Home 2, which took in $30.1 million. Murder on the Orient Express opened in third place $28.2 million, while A Bad Moms Christmas took fourth with $11.6 million. Jigsaw rounded out the top five with $3.5 million.

A Closer Look at Some of this Week’s Films.

Justice League (PG-13) 110 mins.

Well, here it is. One of the most troubled blockbuster productions in recent years limps into theaters this weekend with Justice League. I would like to be very clear that I have not seen it yet and I want very, very much to like this movie… but based on how much issue I take with Man of SteelBatman v Superman, and Suicide Squad, it just seems unlikely. The writing is on the wall for this one, and it almost feels like an afterthought for DC. It seems clear that they want to focus on making more movies like the successful (and actually pretty good!) Wonder Woman, but since they were already underway on this movie’s production, they had to release this before they get to better stuff.

At least, that’s what I hope. It feels like after every DC movie, the thinking is that even though this one isn’t great, the next one will be. And like, how much longer can they keep that up? All I can tell you is that Justice League has gotten pretty mixed-to-negative reviews, and that it will probably make a good deal of money (though less money than a movie like this probably should be making). It’ll open at number one, obviously.

Wonder (PG) 113 mins.

This is not to be confused with Wonder Woman, who’s in that other movie I just mentioned. Gal Gadot is not in this. Instead, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson star as the parents of a young boy with a facial disease, and it’s made to be a family-friendly drama about an inspiring young kid who faces adversity. I thought the trailer made it look terrible, but it’s actually been getting some pretty solid reviews.

I think this has potential to be a pretty big “Take the family out to the movies for Thanksgiving” type of movie, so take that for what you will. I predict this opens at number three.


The Star (PG) 86 mins.

This is an animated movie that I had heard nothing about until I started writing this sentence. It looks like it’s about a donkey or something. It has something to do with Jesus. Christian families will probably enjoy it, and it’s getting ok reviews. I don’t expect this to crack the top five, but it’s the only other wide release this week, so that’s why I’m writing about it. Alright, that’s enough of that.

The Bottom Line

Justice League will take first place, while fellow superhero movie Thor: Ragnarok will drop to second. Wonder will open in third place, and Daddy’s Home 2 will take fourth. Murder on the Orient Express will round out the top five.

Movies To Look Forward To:

Coco, The Darkest HourCall Me By Your Name (November 22nd)

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