The Bottom Line: November 4th, 2016: The Doctor Is In

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By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggarth! Marvel’s Doctor Strange hits theaters this weekend alongside Mel Gibson’s comeback vehicle Hacksaw Ridge. What will win at the box office? Find out in this week’s edition of The Bottom Line!

Box Office Top Five

I continue to eat crow as Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween maintained the top spot for the second week in a row, taking in $17.3 million. The Dan Brown adaptation Inferno opened in second place with $14.9 million. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back dropped to third with $9.7 million, while The Accountant took fourth with $8.5 million. Ouija: Origin of Evil rounded out the top five with $7.2 million.

Here is a look at a few films that are opening on September 30th.

Doctor Strange (PG-13) 130 mins.

Look, Marvel has earned your trust. In a year where many blockbusters were disappointing, they delivered big time with Captain America: Civil War, and they’ve delivered again here with Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios has been consistently making movies that are, at the very least, entertaining, and I’d argue they’re currently in a creative renaissance. As for this movie’s box office prospects, it will make money (after all, it has a Marvel logo attached to it). The question is, how much money? I doubt it’ll pull in Avengers numbers, and some have argued that it’s too “weird” to be a big hit. Of course, Marvel made hits out of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, so they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Doctor Strange will ride a combination of Benedict Cumberbatch’s star power, dazzling visuals, and strong reviews to be number one this weekend.

Trolls (PG) 100 mins.

I’m sure Trolls will be big with kids. To its credit, it’s getting solid reviews. I think it looks like the most annoying kind of in-your-face colorful loud nonsense, but hey, that’s me. There hasn’t been a lot of kids movies lately, and there’s been a lot of marketing for this. Expect this to open at number two.

Hacksaw Ridge (R) 139 mins.

Mel Gibson has been shunned by Hollywood for about a decade now, but he’s poised to make his comeback with Hacksaw Ridge. Gibson directs the story of a pacifist soldier in World War II played by Andrew Garfield, and critical notices have been very good. This seems like the kind of thing that will have legs at the box office, especially when it starts to get recognized for awards. Expect it to open at number three for now.

The Bottom Line

Doctor StrangeTrolls, and Hacksaw Ridge will take the top three spots at the box office this weekend. Boo! A Madea Halloween will drop to fourth, and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back will take fifth.

Movies To Look Forward To:

ArrivalBilly Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (November 11th)

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