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BOULEVARD (2015) Movie Trailer: Robin Williams’ Last Role

Boulevard Trailer

Boulevard Trailer. Dito Montiel‘s Boulevard (2014) movie trailer stars Robin WilliamsBob OdenkirkKathy Baker, and Giles MattheyBoulevard‘s plot synopsis: “A devoted husband in a marriage of convenience is forced to confront his secret life.”

Boy, oh boy. It’s hard to make a trailer for this film without it feeling off. Robin Williams hanged himself and slit his wrists. That’s dark. There’s nothing inspiring or positive or hopeful about any of that. We’re told to celebrate his life, and we sure do. We love his films, and we miss his personality.

Robin Williams has always been his best in dramatic performances. I truly believe that. I know he’s a funny-man, a comedian to most, and probably best known as Ms. Doubtfire. But even in that movie, you can see the emotional intellect behind his face. He was a highly intelligent man, and impossible talented. The problem with the trailer for his last movie, is that there’s no way to look past all that. He’s dead, and he’s missed. This movie wants to inspire us to change ourselves if we ever find ourselves down a road we never intended to go down. It stars Robin Williams.

The hopes are that this trailer is sappier than the movie itself, and that under Dito Montiel’s direction, we find some truth and realism underneath this seemingly inspiring drama we’re being sold. I believe in Montiel, even though he’s only made one single good film. But A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints would give even the biggest skeptic in the room pause to dismiss his talent.

In any case, we’ll have to see. According to Variety,

The movie follows a 60-year-old married man (Williams) who’s stuck in a dead-end job as a bank manager. The character is in denial about his sexuality until he befriends a young gay street hustler (Roberto Aguire).

Our critic Peter Debruge wrote in his review that the film tapped into the same loneliness felt in Williams’ “One Hour Photo” and “Good Will Hunting.”

That certainly gives me hope. I’m just not sure how this is going to work out, seeing Williams in a role like this, after his incredibly depressing death.

Boulevard also stars Roberto AguireEleonore HendricksJ. Karen ThomasBrandon Hirsch, and Clay Jeffries.

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Sources: Variety, IMDb

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