Bradley Weber’s Top Ten Films of 2017

Rooney Mara A Ghost Story

Bradley Weber’s Top Ten Films of 2017

The 2017 year of films for me is still far from over. I usually wait until mid January to create my best of list simply because many of the films of 2017 have not yet reached me or the area I live in. Very promising films like The Shape of Water and Phantom Thread won’t be released in my area until around then. So for this list I have compiled a list of the ten best that I have seen for the calendar year of 2017.

There were some notable surprises that no one saw coming (Get Out), to some big disappointments (Justice League, The Mummy). Most notable was that 2017 saw some bazaar films that were entirely different and deserved attention. A few made this list, a few (Dave Made A Maze) that didn’t but still deserve attention.

Bradley Weber’s Top Ten Films of 2017

Hugh Jackman Dafne Keen Logan

10. Logan

The final outing for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine served as a beautiful and poetic send off. It was full of both amazing action sequences as well as heart rending moments. It fulfilled both the prophecy of Logan’s death from The Wolverine while also providing a send off to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. If the Wolverine appears in films again I hope it would just be Dafne Keen, who in this film portrays X-23/Laura. Like in the comics, she should just assume the mantle of Wolverine rather then recast the part. Thank you Hugh Jackman for bringing as perfect of a charcter portrayal of Wolverine to life as we could have ever hoped for.

Miguel Coco

9. Coco

Pixar continues their wonderful tradition of taking us to places we have never seen and allowing us to get in touch with deep feelings. Coco is about family; pure and simple. It is about the people we remember, those we have lost, and those still with us. It is about following traditions verses following your dreams. It is as bright and colorful as anything Pixar has put out before and filled with traditional music from Mexican culture. Reportedly Pixar spent many, many years researching the culture Mexico before developing the story. The story is strong, the visuals inspiring, and another great entry into the Pixar original film canon.

Daniel Kaluuya Get Out

8. Get Out

Very little is left to be said about Get Out. It is a horror film from the last person you would ever expect one from, Jordan Peele. Peele spent years bringing us some of television’s funniest moments through Key & Peele. Now he brings us one of this years, or any years, most though provoking movies. At a time of great civil unrest, during the era of the Black Lives Matters movement, Get Out is not only a timely film but an important one. It brings back memories of some of the best Twilight Zone stories while being wholly original.

Zoe Saldana Karen Gillan Chris Pratt Dave Bautista Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

7. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

When Marvel first announced Guardians of the Galaxy many were turned off by the idea. Many thought it would end the Marvel hit streak. Turns out it was one of their highest grossing and original films. A rag tag group of space pirates come together to save the galaxy from a greater threat. Now those same characters are back in a film that explores the meaning of what it means to be a family. From new characters, Ego and Mantis, to further exploring the existing ones; notably Yondu. GOTG2 managed to bring together a much more epic story by being more simply told. Also, no one can deny that Baby Groot was the most adorable on screen character of the year.

Gal Gadot Connie Nielsen Wonder Woman

6. Wonder Woman

The DC films have had a rough few years. While making enough money both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were critically derided and divided the fan base. All the good will from Nolan’s Batman era…gone. Yet that all changed with Wonder Woman. Finally a female led, female directed superhero movie that epically brought to life one of comic book’s greatest characters. We now know it is possible to create a truly great film based on a DC character other than Batman, is only the studio would stop interfering with their creators. Reportedly one of this movies most bad ass scenes, No Man’s Land, was almost cut by a dumb producer. Let the directors and writers do their thing to bring these characters to life. 

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