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Campea’s 20 Movie Blogging Tips

The first post in the Movie blogging section was a good beginning but this segment was written by someone that has been in the field for awhile. His name is John Campea and he is one of the people that helped create TheMovieBlog, which was part of my inspiration for this site. He has a plethora of tips for the burgeoning film enthusiast. Most of them I agree with, a few I do not. A lot of what Campea says is common sense but coming from someone established in the field drives these 20 Tips home in a way I could not have accomplished. An in-depth discussion of each point can be found at TheMovieBlog.

1.) Do it because you love movies

2.) Start with a free blogging platform

3.) Start small. 1-3 posts per day

4.) Don’t feel the need to act like a full time blogger. Don’t think you have to post 15 times a day

5.) Be Consistent

6.) Read other established movie blogs

7.) Stay up to date on what’s happening in the movie world–read multiple movie news sites

8.) Talk about the things that interest you

9.) Understand the difference between a movie blogger and a news reporter

10.) Focus on one kind of film rather than try to equally talk about all of them

11.) Encourage discussion

12.) Don’t be afraid to ban problem users

13.) Write original content

14.) It’s a blog, so make it personal

15.) Start a podcast early

16.) Don’t worry about the look of site right away

17.) Learn that IMDB is your friend

18.) Learn that rotten tomatoes and meta critic are your friends

19.) If you don’t understand film is subjective, don’t write a single word until you do

20.) Don’t be spineless! Have an opinion and express it regardless if it’s popular or not

What do you think of John Campea’s 20 Tips for Starting your own Movie Blogging? Are they helpful?

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