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CAPTAIN MARVEL: Comic Book Writer Talks Movie Announcement

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Writer Talks About Film Adaptation. Fans were surprised after the announcement of Captain Marvel coming to the big screen in 2018, but no one was more excited than comic book writer Kelly Sue Deconnick after hearing the news.

IGN spoke with Kelly Sue, who was responsible for rebranding Captain Marvel back in 2012. Kelly hasn’t got a call from Marvel Studios yet about working on the film, but that didn’t stop her from containing her excitement for Captain Marvel to be up on the big-screen. Here’s what she said:

I was gobsmacked. I did not see that coming, and I would have bet high dollar against it. I could not be more thrilled to be wrong. The only thing I know [about the movie] is what [Kevin] Feige said at the announcement, which is, she’s an Earth-based Carol who has cosmic-based powers. So the tone of the film is very much up in the air. It’ll depend, I’m sure, on the screenplay, what direction they want to go with it, and the vision that their director has. There’s a lot of different ways they could go with Carol. I have every faith that they’ll do well by her. The films have been utterly fantastic. But without knowing anything about the film, the only thing that I could say that’s new is, hey, yeah, female protagonist. I could not be more excited about that.

Ever since her reappearance in March 2012, Captain Marvel’s popularity surged, causing Marvel Studios to bank in the idea of adapting her tale into a movie. However, Kelly wanted to let the outlet know that she wasn’t responsible for creating Carol Danvers, but she took credit in giving her a new look. Carol Danvers was actually introduced in 1968 by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan when she was known as Ms. Marvel. She also went on about the appeal of Captain Marvel in today’s world. “I felt like my challenge was to nudge her character back to someone who would be easy to cheer for, someone who could carry a solo book and be indisputably the hero. So my pitch was, ‘Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager,'” Deconnick said. She added:

She has kind of a dorky sense of humor that’s a good, fun thing to play up with her. She’s short-tempered; that’s something most of us can relate to at one time or another in our lives. She means well. I think if you focus on that stuff and you focus on the fact that she’s incredibly driven, she wants to win, she’s unapologetic about wanting to win — if you focus on all of that stuff, then she’s an incredibly American hero. She’s very easy to root for in that way.

On who should be able to play the female superhero, Kelly didn’t name anyone specific, but she did offer her vision of how she imagines her on the big screen. “The voice in my head for Carol [is] Kathleen Turner from about 1984. I like how grounded her voice is. That’s the Carol that lives in my head. There are a number of contemporary actresses who could bring a lot of really cool stuff to it. I’m really excited to see who they get. But whoever it is, I’ll be first in line, no matter what.”

Who do you guys think should play Captain Marvel?

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