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Fantistic Four X-Men

Something on not-so-big crossover news, coming out of convention season. Between the ongoing success of the MCU, and the anticipation over the DC Joint Cinematic Universe finally getting into the fight, there have actually been quite a few would-be major developments that got

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Paul Rudd Ant-Man

So just as predicted those weird little Minions made a big impact at the box office, bringing in just under $116 million. Do you remember a time not that long ago when a film breaking $100 million opening weekend was a big deal?

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Last week, Jurassic Worldbox office dominance was finally ended – just barely – by Pixar’s Inside Out. Oh, and there were two new releases I guess. Terminator: Genisys was met with resounding boos from audiences and critics alike, each blasting it for it’s needlessly convoluted plot. 

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Man in Suit Typing

FilmBook is Looking for New Writers for 2015 / 2016. The fall 2015 television season is quickly approaching. After that, the Spring 2016 TV season will be upon us. FilmBook is endeavoring to cover as much of that as possible. To that end, we are searching for new writers to buttress our growing coverage

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Emilia Clarke Terminator Genisys

It looks like Jurassic World might finally lose it’s number one spot at the box office this week. It’s weekend total was just under $55 million, which though impressive, is just low enough to put it’s reign in jeopardy. What could be powerful enough to take down an amusement park of out-of-control dinosaurs? How about a freakin’ Terminator? Probably not thrusting male pelvises. Those are precisely the two things that will try to become the new number one film in America. Gee, do you think Hollywood likes making sequels?

Terminator: Genisys – (PG-13) 125 min. – When Arnold Schwarzenegger’s original Terminator uttered “I’ll be back”, I don’t think anyone expected him to come back this many times. The last good Terminator sequel was Judgment Day, so it’s a wonder why filmmakers keep coming back to this pool. Terminator: Genisys is supposed to act as a bit of a reset for the franchise, using its inherent time-travelling plot to its advantage to undo the damage done by the subsequent crummy sequels (a la X-Men: Days of Future Past). As for the actual plot, it sounds awfully familiar. Future John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends future Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) to the past to protect past Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), but things go wrong. Groundbreaking stuff. To find out if this movie will be any good, I just looked to the MPAA rating: PG-13. Nope. Nothing good can come of that. The Terminator is cold-blooded killer and shouldn’t be restricted with a PG-13. This rating tells me there’s going to be lots of (probably terrible) CGI and rubbery action to make up for the lack of blood, turning this into a completely soulless venture.

Magic Mike XXL – (R) 115 min. – I didn’t expect to enjoy the first Magic Mike, but it ended up being a really good movie. Despite being a movie about male strippers, it had a surprising dramatic heft to it and was clearly crafted with care. It was also the first film to convince me Channing Tatum could act. Will the ridiculously titled Magic Mike XXL be another surprise? I’m less optimistic. While the first film dealt heavily with the dark underside of the business, advertisements for the sequel look to be all about fun fun fun. Mike (Channing Tatum), returns to the stripping world to road trip with his crew, the Kings of Tampa, for a final blowout performance in Myrtle Beach. There will likely be lots of dancing and good deal of laughter, but it just doesn’t look like this will deliver that weight that made the first so good. This appears to be the film that everyone expected the first one to be: an over-the-top display of oiled-up abs for women to gawk at.

The Bottom Line – I expect Terminator: Genisys to put a hefty dent in Jurassic World’s box office haul, if not win the weekend outright. However, I don’t expect it to have much endurance, and will likely drop off significantly in the following weeks. Magic Mike XXL will find its audience the same way the new “50 Shades of Grey” book flew off the shelves, but probably not with the same intensity. I don’t think there is much to see in theaters this weekend, so you might want to just spend the Fourth of July with your family.

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Ted 2

Last weekend, the box office saw a huge recovery thanks to two juggernauts. As I predicted, Jurassic World fell about 50% to $106 million, which was enough to stay in first place. Not far behind it, Pixar’s Inside Out brought in $90 million.

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Inside Out

Well I for one did not see this coming. Not only did Jurassic World win the weekend, it won the world. Literally. The final numbers are in and the Chris Pratt-and-dinosaur combination brought in over $208 million domestically, giving it the highest earning opening weekend ever.

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Jurassic World Movie Banner

Last weekend, the new releases offered a lot of variety. The R-rated action-comedy Spy was a somewhat surprising first place finisher, taking in just about $30 million. An impressive number for any R-rated film, but not exactly a blockbuster.

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Marvel & DC heroes wind up sharing a pool hall....

WB film chief chimes in on Marvel vs DC, but honest fans still do it better. During an interview, for The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Chief of Film Production, Greg Silverman, was asked about his overall task of putting Warner back on top – by way of more Lego films, more J.K.

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Last week, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson proved he could bring in a crowd for an original tent-pole film, with San Andreas rocking the box office with almost $55 million. Overall, however, the box office results of the week were thoroughly unimpressive. The 2, 3, and 4 films – Pitch Perfect 2Tomorrowland, and Mad Max Fury Road – all mingled around the $14 million range. Meanwhile, the only other major release, Aloha, barely registered in the 6 spot with just under $10 million. The week of June 5 might have some better luck bringing in audiences, as Summer is finally kicking into gear. More students are out of school which means more time for them to fill with movies. With such a varied offering this weekend, everybody should be able to find something to see.

Entourage – (R) 104 min. – I’m going to be honest with you up front: I hated Entourage the TV show. I hated the grating characters and the phony, self-important way the show presented itself. So I’m a more than a little pleased to see reviews for Entourage the movie be so negative. Currently at a measly 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, most critics are saying that Entourage – once again following the exploits of actor Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his, um, entourage – is nothing but a bloated, cameo-filled episode of the show. That in itself is enough to inform you whether or not you should see this movie. If you liked the show (which I admit many people do, even if the reasons why escape me), you will see the movie and like it. If you dislike the show or did not watch it, it’s probably not going to do anything for you.

Spy – (R) 120 min. – Melissa McCarthy has, for better or worse, become a mainstay of modern comedy. Her movies are hit-and-miss in terms of both quality and success, but that won’t stop studios from putting her as the lead in no fewer than two movies a year. This isn’t a complaint, by the way. McCarthy is remarkably talented and funny. It’s just unfortunate that the material written for her isn’t always the best to work with. It looks like that won’t be an issue for Spy, which has earned rave reviews thus far. McCarthy re-teams with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig for an action-comedy about CIA analyst that gets out from behind her desk and takes on the undercover world of arms dealers. With a stellar supporting cast featuring Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, and Jude Law, Spy might be a surprise hit this summer. Better yet, it’s an R-rated comedy, so the humor can take some risks, which is where McCarthy really shines.

Insidious: Chapter 3 – (PG-13) 97 min. – It would be really nice if Insidious: Chapter 3 turned out to be really good. The first Insidious was a surprise hit, and for good reason. It was a super scary, atmospheric horror film by the team behind SawInsidious: Chapter 2…not so much. This time, writer Leigh Whannell steps into the director’s chair for the first time to bring us the third film in the series. A prequel to the first two films, Insidious: Chapter 3 will tell the story of how recurring psychic character Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) began her journeys into helping families deal with supernatural entities. It appears the film was not screened for critics, which is never a good sign, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bring in serious money. It’s worth noting that this is the only PG-13 release this weekend, so the younger crowd that can’t get in to Spy or Entourage might see Insidious: Chapter 3 out of lack of other options.

The Bottom Line: The only movie that critics say will be worth any of your time is Spy, so I’m inclined to say check that out before the other two major releases. As for what will actually win the weekend, I think it will be a toss-up between Entourage and Insidious. It’s hard to gauge fan loyalty and interest from the Entourage crowd, so it’s hard to say how successful it will be. Insidious is a safer bet because it’s a recent franchise with a lower MPAA rating. Spy might surprise everyone, but I just haven’t heard that much in terms of interest from the general public.

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