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TROPICO (2013) Short Film Trailer: Lana Del Rey Plays Bible’s Eve

Tropico Short Film. Anthony Mandler‘s Tropico (2013) short film trailer stars Lana Del Rey and Shaun Ross. Tropico‘s plot synopsis: “Tropico is an epic tale based on the biblical story of sin and redemption and features Del Rey starring as Eve. The three-part story begins in the Garden of Eden

COPELIA (2010) Short Film Trailer, Clip, Photo: Nic Benns, Ralph Brown

Copelia Trailer, Clip, Photo. Nic Benns‘ Copelia (2010) short film trailer, short film clip, short film photos star Ralph Brown, Vincent Regan, John Standing, Anna Walton, and Olivia Williams. Copelia‘s plot synopsis: “A doctor has invented a strange new technology that converts sounds into protective