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CHI-RAQ (2015) Movie Posters: Spike Lee’s Cast Gets Into Character

Samuel L. Jackson Chi-Raq

Chi-Raq Movie Posters Released. Spike Lee‘s Chi-Raq (2015) movie posters have been released in the form of character posters as promotional material for the films release in December. As most of us probably are, I’m a fan of a solid percentage of Lee’s films. He has created some of the best American films of all time, such as Do The Right Thing (1989), Summer of Sam (1999), and 25th Hour (2002). These are classics, and his name has been officially cemented into the history of cinema.

However, he’s also made some absolute garbage, and his track record has been reduced to ‘flimsy’, in my book. Sure, I’ll always give him a shot, because he’s a master filmmaker, and because he made When The Levees Broke – a gift and a strong patriotic and artistic contribution to our terrible post-9/11/mid-George W. Bush administration time. But he also remade Oldboy. Go figure.

In any case, his latest looks like a highly theatrical, self-aware engagement. It’s colorful, bold, and Samuel L. Jackson is there. I understand the Aristophanes groundwork, here, but so far, I’m largely indifferent to this project. I hope I hear good things, because I’d love to root for Lee once more, and enjoy a new film of his.

Take a look at the new character posters below!

Nick Cannon, John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson Chi-Raq Posters



According to Collider, “A modernized adaptation of the Aristophanes’ Comedy Lysistrata, Chi-Raq follows an organization of young women who rally to put an end to gun violence after the tragic death of a young child. In order to stop the bloodshed, the women put an embargo on all sexual privileges for their male counterparts until the matter is resolved. Or as the tagline goes, ‘No peace. No piece.'”

Take a look at the Chi-Raq movie posters and leave your thoughts on them below in the comments section. For more Chi-Raq photos, videos, and information,  visit our Chi-Raq Page , our Movie Trailer Google+ Page, our Movie Trailer Facebook Page, subscribe to us by Email, “follow” us on TwitterTumblr, Google+, or “like” us on Facebook for quick updates. Chi-Raq will be released in U.S. theaters on December 4, 2015.

Sources: Collider, IMDb

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