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CLOSE RANGE (2015) Movie Trailer: Scott Adkins, Texas Ranger

Scott Adkins in Close Range Trailer

Close Range Movie Trailer. Isaac Florentine‘s Close Range (2015) movie trailer stars Scott AdkinsNick ChinlundCaitlin Keats, and Jake La BotzClose Range‘s plot synopsis: “A rogue soldier turned outlaw is thrust into a relentless fight with a corrupt sheriff, his obedient deputies, and a dangerous drug cartel in order to protect his sister and her young daughter.”

There’s something off, regarding the whole package appeal of this supposed film. The levels are skewed, the measurements are incorrect. It’s not working, as a movie, in my eyes. Granted, the action looks absolutely incredible. When the trailer really starts amping up and steps up the pace, you realize how intricate and professional all of this choreography and action is. These people do this all their lives – everyone involved here has dedicated their lives to training, planning the next routine, and so on.

The frustrating thing is just how, almost, for naught this all is. With the physical, visceral side of things so good, you want the emotional, character aspect to reach equal heights, but not a single actor in this trailer held my attention. You want a guy you can really root for, not just “man who looks good in goatee”. More Desperado, less “Walker Texas Ranger”, if you get me.

And that’s essentially what it all boils down to: film looks cheap, and at times more like a stuntman’s routine video that he shows clients to invest in his production company. Who knows, though, it might be worth checking out as a novelty, sort of like renting Ong-Bak 6, or, say, The Human Centipede. For the one-trick dime-store trick that it really is.

Oh, and the protagonist’s name is “Colt McCreedy”. Come on, guys. I get that this movie is supposed to be cheesy and self-aware, but there’s a line you can’t cross without extreme talent. And unless you’re actually Edgar Wright, actually making those Chris Evans “Lucas Lee” action movies from Scott Pilgrim – you’re crossing it.

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