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DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Show Teases Waverider During Production [The CW]


Production for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Name-Drops Waverider. EP Marc Guggenheim has been busy with the Arrow/The Flash spin-off DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and revealed some cool stuff behind-the-scenes, including this tease of a DC superhero named Waverider.

Earlier this weekend, Guggenheim name-dropped Waverider in a tweet he posted saying, “Just a normal Friday night…” with a photo showing the production sign saying Waverider Films. This pretty much teases the golden-skinned time-travelling hero created by DC in the 1991 issue Armageddon 2001. For those of you who don’t know, Waverider is a member of the Linear Men, a group who were also known as the Time Masters. This version of the group consisted of Matthew Ryder, Liri Lee, and an aged Rip Hunter.

Waverider Tweet

Arthur Darvill plays the Rip Hunter in the upcoming TV series, where he will put the team together to stop Vandal Savage from changing history. Rip Hunter was also a member of the Time Masters, but he was later integrated into the Linear Men later during his lifetime. Another version of Waverider appeared in the recent Convergence comics event, where a pre-Flashpoint version of Booster Gold throws himself into the heart of the Vanishing Point at the Time Masters’ HQ and emerges into the post-Flashpoint version of Waverider. Booster Gold also happens to be Rip Hunter’s father in the comics. Obviously we won’t be seeing Booster Gold in the series since there’s a movie in development based on him, but we shouldn’t rule out an appearance by Waverider sometime soon.

What do you guys think? Would you want to see Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow?

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