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DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Show to Introduce Connor Hawke [The CW]

Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke to Appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It was hinted that a new character would appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and he would be taking the place of another hero we know. The character was revealed to be Connor Hawke, who fans know as Oliver Queen’s successor.

There was a casting call reported on TVLine that the upcoming spin-off of Arrow and The Flash were looking for an “African-American or bi-racial male who decides to put on the uniform of a missing hero who once stood for justice and hope.” Theories went around that the character was Connor Hawke, and was able to confirm that was true, but with one big difference. They revealed that this version of Connor Hawke wouldn’t be Oliver Queen’s son.

But who will Connor be? Since The Flash introduced the concept of alternate realities, there’s a good chance that Connor could be the Green Arrow from another parallel Earth. What can also happen is that Connor can turn out to be the Green Arrow from the future. We won’t know unless we get more details from the show, so hopefully we get some more scoop on that soon.

In the comics, Connor Hawke was the offspring of Oliver and his college sweetheart Sarah Hawke, who was half Black and Korean. Connor turned out to be an expert in martial arts and inherits his dad’s archery skills. Connor soon took up the mantle as the new Green Arrow after Oliver’s death. In the New 52, Connor was known as the Red Arrow.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited to see Hawke debut on Legends of Tomorrow?

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